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Author : Rocha Queen


What are the benefits of mustard hair mask?

Rocha Queen
Did you know that the mustard hair mask is the secret recipe for hair growth? It may sound odd it’s...
Nail Care

How to stop biting your nails? Nail biting causes, tips and more

Rocha Queen
Onychophagia refers to the act of biting the nails. When properly established, this bad habit is often difficult to eliminate...
Weight Loss

Losing Thighs: Simple Exercises for Losing Thighs

Rocha Queen
Losing weight thighs and buttocks: the sports routine to adopt Although the list of physical activities is long for losing...
Beauty Makeup

Dos and Don’ts When Tinting Your Eyebrows

Rocha Queen
Ah, eyebrows. We shape them. We groom them. We maintain them. We receive compliments because of them. But, just when...