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Aloe vera for hydrated, healthy and shiny hair

Mainly known for its moisturizing, healing, and regenerating properties on the skin, aloe vera is a hit with fans of natural beauty ingredients. If its hair benefits are less well known, aloe vera is not without them. We take stock.

What are the benefits of aloe vera for hair?

Aloe vera is a trendy plant when it comes to homemade beauty recipes. And for a good reason, in addition to sublimating the skin, aloe vera also works miracles on the hair. In question? Its high water content is also for the hair, making it a natural moisturizing ingredient perfect for dry hair.

The other asset of aloe vera? Its purifying power! The gel is extracted from this plant to care for the scalp, helping to soothe itching and cleanse the scalp. Likewise, as it stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, aloe vera gel stimulates – a fortiori – hair growth.

Aloe vera for which hair?

Particularly recommended for dry, weakened, and damaged hair, aloe vera treatments are also suitable for irritated/polluted scalps. But aloe vera is also ideal for all hair types.

Make your aloe vera gel for homemade skincare recipes.

For these recipes, aloe vera gel is to be used.

To obtain it is simple:

you have to peel the skin of the aloe leaf to remove only the pulp. We do not skip the rinsing step; it will make it possible to eliminate the dark yellow resin – which contains irritating latex -. Then, the pulp is mixed until a homogeneous liquid, the transparent and slightly gelled mixture, is obtained. We keep the aloe vera gel in the refrigerator for a week.

Scalp irritated? Fat? We use aloe vera to concoct a purifying, sanitizing treatment and relieve itching. Before shampooing, apply pure aloe vera gel to the roots. Then leave on for about 5 minutes and then rinse.

A hydrating mask for damaged and dry lengths

Like a ‘classic’ mask, apply a dose of aloe vera gel on the lengths and ends, leave on for about ten minutes and rinse. Before shampooing, on bagged hair, or after, on washed and towel-dried hair: several methods for the same result!

A shine booster treatment

To shine and strengthen the hair fibre, add a little aloe vera gel simultaneously as the shampoo. We massage, we rinse, and voila!

The best aloe vera hair care

Not a fan of homemade cosmetic recipes? Some shampoos allow you to take advantage of the benefits of aloe vera in the market.

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