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Why is coffee scrub so good for you? (Bonus: recipes)

Most of us wouldn’t dream of starting our day without a hot cup of coffee. However, the benefits of coffee aren’t limited to your morning pick-me-up.

It can have surprising effects on your skin. Let’s look at what the science says and what coffee can and can’t do for your skin. Lets take a look how coffee scrub helps your skin.

Coffee scrub rich in antioxidants.

Antioxidants help protect your skin from free radical damage, and coffee just so happens to be loaded with them. It is good news for your skin, as antioxidants help fight age.

Coffee grounds can also help maintain skin hydration by reducing transepidermal water loss (a fancy way of referring to how moisture evaporates from the skin).

Coffee grounds can protect the skin from UV rays.

Okay, you probably don’t have a stash of coffee grounds in your kitchen. But you probably have leftover coffee grounds from your morning coffee maker. Used coffee grounds can also have beneficial effects on the skin.

Several studies have shown that spent coffee grounds extract can use as a coffee scrub that helps to protect the skin against damage from UVB rays.

So, when included in skincare preparations, coffee extract can help protect your skin against wrinkle formation and sun damage.

Interestingly, drinking coffee can also help protect the skin from the sun. Coffee drinkers are less likely to develop skin cancer, including melanoma.

Coffee grounds are perfect for skin care.

coffee scrub for skin care
coffee scrub for skin care

Will the coffee grounds leftover from your morning cup of coffee give you the same results as coffee extract? Probably not. Coffee extract is much more potent than what’s left in your filter.

But these coffee grounds can be used as coffee scrub in homemade treatments and may have beneficial effects on your skin. Coffee grounds can be incorporated into handmade scrubs to exfoliate, smooth, and soften skin naturally.

It’s perfect for rough, dry places like elbows, knees, and feet.

The caffeine in coffee grounds can also improve the appearance of the skin, albeit temporarily. Caffeine tightens the skin, making it appear firmer and tighter (again, temporarily).

This tightening effect can help fight puffy eyes and may make cellulite less evident in the short term.

Beware of the false myth: coffee scrub won’t make acne go away.

Wait, coffee lover. It can smell amazing and leave your skin super soft, but contrary to what a plethora of videos online say, coffee will not make your acne disappear.

Scrubs, even natural ones, do not make acne disappear. While the coffee scrubs can remove the top layer of dead skin, they do not penetrate the pores of the skin. However, it is inside these pores that acne pimples are born.

Acne can cause by sebum or dirt on the surface of the skin. Instead, it is a blockage more profound in the pore (technically called the pilosebaceous unit).

The coffee scrub homemade recipes.

coffee scrub recipes
coffee scrub recipes

Don’t throw away used coffee grounds for a natural, fast, and fun treatment to smooth and soften your skin. Instead, prepare one of these recipes.

But be careful if you have sensitive skin, however. Coffee grounds can be pretty aggressive for delicate skin.

And, whatever your skin type, don’t rub too aggressively with the coffee scrub treatment. You especially don’t want to irritate your skin. Redness, tingling, and tenderness are all signs that you are overdoing the scrub.

These treatments should do fresh each time. So it goes without saying that you need to make sure that the coffee grounds are cold enough to handle, so you don’t get burned.

Exfoliating coffee scrub for the face.

Mix 1/4 teaspoon of coffee grounds (finely ground) with 1 tbsp of another breakfast staple, yogurt.

The taste of yogurt is not particularly important, but plain or vanilla yogurt is particularly pleased with the natural scent of coffee.

Gently massage your face and neck and let sit for five minutes. Rinse well with warm water to reveal soft, luminous skin. Please do not use it more than once or twice a week.

Body coffee scrub with coffee grounds and sugar

Combine 1/2 cup granulated sugar (white or brown), 2 tablespoons of used coffee grounds, and 1/4 cup of sweet almond oil.

In the shower, massage your entire body. Watch out for rough, dry areas like elbows and knees. Rinse well. Isn’t your skin soft and silky?

The oils in this recipe can make your shower or tub slippery, so be careful.

Exfoliating coffee grounds scrub for the feet.

The feet need a little more care and can withstand a more aggressive exfoliation than other body parts. Try mixing 1/4 cup of used coffee grounds, Dead Sea salt or Epsom salt, and olive oil.

Use this mixture as a scrub to please your feet.

Exfoliation with coffee grounds for smoothing the lips

Are your lips dry? Mix a small number of used coffee grounds with a bit of coconut oil. Lightly massage the mixture onto your lips and remove it with a damp washcloth.

Coffee grounds can reduce puffy eyes.

Put a teaspoon of coffee grounds in a damp paper towel and place it over the eyes for about 20 minutes to reduce puffiness.

These coffee scrub benefits are not limited, practice these coffee scrub treatments at home on regular basis will give you clean and fresh skin too.

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