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21 Glow up tips : How to have a glow up in a week challenge

A glow up refers to a transformation of yourself for the better, which shouldn’t be limited to improving your physical appearance and the way you feel on the inside.

A glow up makes you shine from the inside out by following good habits that make you become a better person in the process.

Some people shine after a breakup or after a stressful event in their life. They eventually want to start making themselves a priority and thus begin an empowering transformation that helps them become the best version of themselves.

If you are one of them, the habits I’m going to mention below are some of the things you need to consider when embarking on a beautification challenge.

Instant glow is achievable as long as you follow good habits that can get you to achieve glow within a week.

It doesn’t necessarily take time before you see a significant change as it is possible to glow up, especially if you are determined to make yourself a priority, make a conscious effort to take care of yourself, and practice routines. That may be important to you.

Taking care of yourself is indeed a necessity, so by allowing yourself to put a little effort into your appearance, you tell yourself that you are important and make yourself a priority.

The habits mentioned below are some of the habits you should be aware of when participating in the glow up the challenge. I’ll give you some glow up tips and explain why you should adopt each of these habits and how they can be reliable for a glow up in a week.

You can start incorporating these habits into your routine for 7 days, and you will already see positive results. Keep applying them for the long term to build and strengthen your confidence and feel better than you were before.

After doing this glow up challenge in a week, you will feel better physically, look prettier, organized, and develop long-term healthy habits as well.

Warning: here, it is not a question of choosing your tip for a glow up. You should follow all of the following information!

How to embrace the whole challenge of glow up?

Like I said, glow up isn’t just a physical transformation. It is also a change of life habits, and it is a decision that you must make. It is people who must be erased from your life, etc.

I will explain how to glow up in a week, step by step.

How to glow from the inside?

I’m going to tackle three different glow ups. If you want to make a fundamental transformation of yourself, you are going to have to work on three levels:

  • Emotional
  • Psychological
  • Physical

The glow up tips are about an emotional glow up.

Glow up tip #1: Take care of yourself

Self-transformation is never complete if you don’t put in all the necessary efforts to love and care for yourself. This should be your primary motivation. Take on the beautification challenge by adding self-care activities that will help you slow down and regain calm.

Glow up tip # 2: get rid of toxic people and thoughts

If you trust this process, I suggest getting rid of toxic people, even if only for a week. You will find so much peace that you won’t even want to find yourself in their wake.

And take advantage of this time of rest to fill your head with positive thoughts. Say positive affirmations. Compliment yourself. Radiate positivity. Love yourself like crazy. Encourage yourself for good. Trust God and let the stress go.

It’s your enlightenment week, and don’t let people or negative thoughts rob you of it.

Glow up tip # 3: Take a break from social media

My favorite way to please myself, get rid of toxic people, and lower self-defeating thoughts are to say goodbye to social media now and then. Try at least once a month or every Sunday. You will see the difference for yourself!

Glow up tip # 4: do some soul searching and set new goals

If you want to illuminate your inner world in a week completely, you really should be doing some soul-searching about your life and your goals. See if there are areas you need to refocus and take action. Set new goals that will motivate you to work harder for yourself.

Glow up tip # 5: read a book

This week you must try to read at least one book that will change your life, whether from your favorite author or a new author recommended by a friend. This is not a problem when doing a social media rehab, and you can be productive during the time you have wasted.

This is how to shine from within. Meditation can also be another way to calm down and detoxify your body.

How to glow up your daily routine

daily glow up in weekThe second group of tips concerns your habits and your psychological state.

Glow Up Tip # 6: Drink Enough Water 

Staying hydrated is the key to clear skin. It allows skin cells to stay hydrated, which can help prevent blemishes, pimples, and wrinkles from appearing.

By drinking plenty of water every day, your skin will have a radiant glow. But if you do not consume the sufficient amount of water that your body and skin need, the lack of hydration will manifest itself as dry, tight, and flaky skin, more prone to wrinkles, as dry skin has less resilience.

Glow up tip # 7: Smile and laugh every day

It is important to surround yourself with good company that makes you happy, especially when you are used to living mundane and stressful lives. So if you have friends who make you laugh, keep them close.

Smile when you’re having a bad day and make big expressions. Smile at strangers, at your coworkers, always be happy, and they will undoubtedly see a great glow in you.

Glow up tip # 8: Drink 2 cups of green tea per day 

Green teas are known for their many health benefits, and one of them is their role in improving the quality of the skin and maintaining its health, which gives you a natural and healthy glow.

Glow Up Tip # 9: Improve Your Hygiene 

Personal hygiene is important to feeling radiant. By always taking care of your hygiene, you allow yourself to be refreshed and feel clean every day.

Always take a bath or shower and hydrate yourself, don’t skip a day without doing so. It improves your mood and gives you a comforting experience, cleansed skin, and you feel purified and renewed.

Glow up tip # 10: always look neat

Your clothing choices should reflect your personality. What you wear says a lot about who you are. A person’s clothes say a lot about the person who wears them.

So make an effort to show off yourself by choosing the right clothes to wear, as they have the power to change your attitude towards yourself. They can make you feel pretty, confident, and in control, or the other way around.

Glow up tip # 11: do 20 to 30 squats per day

Or at least 30 minutes of exercise, 5 times a week. Regular exercise makes you look healthy and radiant that you want to achieve. It also helps you maintain a healthy weight and shed the unnecessary fat you have in your body.

Glow up tip # 12: Eat 1 to 2 servings of fresh fruit

Most fruits contain vitamin C, which makes the skin glow. It promotes skin radiance and helps spots or scars to heal properly. The glow starts with the nutrients in your foods, so be sure to include fruit in your diet.

How to do a physical glow up?

physical glow up in a weekFinally, I will discuss the physical glow up, particularly the glow up of the face and hair, since I already mentioned the style and care related to the body in the previous chapter. Indeed, this care links to your psychological state.

How to have a glow up the face?

Face glow up tip # 13: do an oil cleanse

Oil cleansing can remove all the dirt and toxins from your face, which your best, most expensive facial cleanser can’t always do. And I’m not talking about oil cleansing to remove makeup, but to get rid of dust and dirt and make the skin flawless. So it’s a bit different.

Take any oil you like on your palms and massage it into the skin for at least 15-20 minutes. Then rinse it well with a cleanser. You will be able to see the dirt coming out of your face.

Face glow up tip # 14: cleanse thoroughly

Steam your face with hot water to open pores, loosen accumulated dirt and soften blackheads, which will make them easier to remove.

Then exfoliate your skin with a gentle exfoliant. Exfoliating your dead skin once or twice a month will help you polish your skin and keep clogged pores and acne away.

For best Glow Up, Apply a beauty mask, tone the skin to soothe it, heal any breakage and balance the pH. Do not use an exfoliating tonic.

Finish with a moisturizer to lock in all the benefits of your facial treatment.

Facial Glow Up Tip # 15: Create a Skin Care Routine

If you haven’t already taken this step, what are you doing with your life ???

I suggest you religiously try out a skincare routine this week and see the benefits for yourself. All it takes is a good cleanser, moisturizer, serum (which isn’t necessary but can be helpful), and sunscreen.

Face glow up tip # 16: draw eyebrows

Check if your eyebrows are regular or if they need cleaning. Do they need to be waxed or shaped? Are they too thin, and maybe you want them thicker? You can still pluck and shape your eyebrows at any time, but sometimes it takes more than a week for them to grow.

Face glow up tip # 17: Maintain your lips

Soft, full lips make a difference in the overall appearance, especially when applying makeup. And you don’t need to put in a lot of effort for that. Gently exfoliate your lips every morning. If you tend to accumulate dead skin on them quickly, like me, use lip balm at least twice a day.

Facial glow up tip # 18: clean teeth

A smile is the most beautiful thing the human body can have. And it all depends on your mood, of course, and your pearly teeth.

The facts say that healthy, shiny teeth make you look more attractive, wealthy, educated, and even younger! While I don’t believe in all of these, I think those good teeth are a sign of good health. And good health always attracts the right people.

How does hair glow up?

Glow Up Tip # 19: Cut Hair

Try a new haircut you’ve always been scared of. But always choose a good stylist, unless you want to risk your hair and mental health. 

Or cut off the tips that protrude!

Glow up tip # 20: try a new color

You can go for a complete hair color transformation if you want significant physical changes. Or you can dye your hair the natural way to make it look healthier, shinier, and more beautiful.

All the options will help you shine like a goddess!

Glow Up Tip # 21: Invest in Healthy Hair Products

Don’t tell me your hair isn’t damaged after the summer sun, dyes, brushings, and chemical treatments. If so, now is the time to treat your hair with the right hair products and the know-how to make it shine more than ever before.

And here’s how to give your hair a boost in a week!

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