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Organic Cosmetics: The Trendy Products Of This Season

Organic is the trend of the moment in any field and especially in cosmetics. Indeed, natural products are known to be effective and non-aggressive.

 People are slowly turning their backs on irritating and allergenic chemicals. In addition, nature is close at hand. You can make your organic cosmetics from ingredients found in the garden or your kitchen.

Organic cosmetics, what is it exactly?

Anyone who cares about the environment knows the importance of organic products. The concept is the same for all organic products, even organic cosmetics

Your goal is to make them with natural ingredients and ingredients from organic farming. Organic cosmetics are, therefore, products based on plants, minerals, etc.

 A cosmetic is classified as organic only if it contains at least 95% natural ingredients. In addition, natural skin and hair care products are made with plant materials and biodegradable active ingredients. 

Thus, they naturally treat the skin and hair while respecting the environment.

Organic cosmetics and natural cosmetics, what is the difference?

Even though both are made from natural and organic products, they are different from one point. The organic beauty product provides guarantees and meets several requirements. 

It must contain natural ingredients from organic farming and respect the environment. Its composition is devoid of harmful chemicals.

As for natural cosmetics, it requires few requirements. They are generally homemade and are made from natural ingredients such as clay, powder, leaves, petals, bark, vegetable oils, essential oils, honey, eggs, etc.

What are the advantages of natural cosmetics?

Organic and natural cosmetics offer many benefits. Here are good reasons to prefer them to non-organic products.

No more toxic substances absence of chemicals is favorable to preserving the natural life cycle of the skin or hair. Chemicals are often poorly tolerated by the skin and scalp. 

Some substances irritate the skin and cause allergies. The herbal ingredients work gently and sincerely treat hair and skin.

1. Organic is more nutritious.

There are more active products in organic beauty products than in classic cosmetics. The natural ingredients are more nourishing and more hydrating. 

They revitalize and protect the skin thanks to the multiple components. Organic makeup is generally composed of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, fatty acids, and antioxidants.

2. Easy to use and efficient

Organic cosmetics are simple to make and easy to apply, and it offers a long term healing effect. Depending on the ingredient and the desired action, it is possible to make masks, lotions, serum. 

It is enough to be precise on the doses for organic natural care to be effective.

3. Goodbye skin problems

Chemicals, mineral oil, and silicones are harmful to the health of the skin. They clog the pores and therefore prevent aeration of the epidermis. Natural and organic cosmetics can remedy this.

 We can mix many plants and natural powders to fight imperfections (acne, eczema, psoriasis, blackheads, wrinkles, etc.).

4. How can personalize organic cosmetics?

There is a multitude of choices in terms of natural and organic ingredients. Certain ingredients are suitable for all types of skin or hair. To treat a specific problem, you can add other ingredients that provide the benefits you need. 

For example, honey is suitable for all types of skin and hair. You can add vegetable oil ( sweet almond oil ) and treat dryness ( cistus essential oil ) if you have dry skin.

The disadvantages of organic cosmetics

The list of disadvantages is short compared to that of advantages. There is a lack of perfume because synthetic perfume is non-existent. It is the essential oils that determine the scent of natural cosmetics. 

The vital oils sometimes give off an unpleasant odor. But, between health and smell, the choice is obvious.

Other than that, the shelf life discourages buying organic products. Organic cosmetics can only be kept for a few months, a maximum of one year.

 And the homemade treatments even contain non-preservable ingredients. For example, there are egg-based masks that are to be used the same day they are made.

It is also essential to know that an organic cosmetic acts more slowly than a classic beauty product. Certain organic products are also more preventive than corrective.

 It is then necessary to understand their properties to know if this or that product is well suited to the care you are looking for it.

Trendy products of the moment

Like classic products, organic cosmetics offer many ranges of organic and natural products on the market. For the body, there is everything you need daily: milk, lotion, oil, serum, deodorant, soap, shampoo, cream, etc.

Organic hair care:

Likewise, for the hair, there are different organic shampoos. Lately, solid organic shampoos have started to fill the soap department.

 There is something for all types of hair: dry, frizzy, oily, fine, thick. Several people have tried the following brands, and they produce solid organic shampoos:

Lamazuma: it offers solid shampoo with Scots pine, both original and aesthetic. It is made from the essential oil of organic Scots pine. It is labeled Cruelty-free and Vegan with Mention Slow cosmetic.

Pachamamai: the brand offers organic fans the solid shampoo Sweetie with rice milk. It is both a shampoo and a hair care product. It is entirely handmade. It is also labeled Cruelty free and Vegan with Mention Slow cosmetic.

Belice: the brand’s Summer Morning solid shampoo is made from a cotton flower. It is certified organic cosmos organic by Cosmecert. It does not contain IBS.

Making your organic shampoo is doable. You can discover recipes in the article: ” Solid shampoo, the trend of the moment. ” To face the winter season, focus on moisturizers to prevent aggression.

Organic face care:

The organic brands also offer care lines for face makeup and organic. When making your purchase, you must always check that the product is indeed certified organic. 

This season, you should focus on protective care against the cold. Winter is undoubtedly fast approaching. 

Moisturizing ingredients: bet on shea butter, vegetable oil of argan, jojoba or avocado…, honey, donkey milk, aloe vera, etc. 

Go through the cosmetic departments with a fine comb to find some, and many brands offer a wide choice of organic face cream, milk, and serum.

Trendy organic body care

This season, the use of organic and natural soaps has also skyrocketed.

There are many brands to discover, including Organic Alep (soap with vegetable palm oil, Ecocert certified), Naturel Alep Savon (olive soap, certified 100% natural and mild), Ballot Flurin (Black Propolis soap, certified organic Cosmebio).

After the organic shower, do not forget to take care of the skin. Moreover, to fight winter.

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