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Rice water beauty booster

Rice water, Asia’s beauty secret for top hair

Recycle rice cooking water ? It’s a bit of a must in terms of care with the ingredients from the cupboard! This practice is inspired by an ancestral Asian tradition when the cooks, after having washed the rice several times, used the water for their care. Like them, you can use the rice rinsing water but also the cooking water which has the advantage of being even richer in starch, the secret of this homemade treatment. Its uses? To boost hair shine , strengthen hair fiber, strengthen scalp health or even tame frizz. Good to know: rice water should not be used hot, before using it let stand in a bottle in the refrigerator.

Rice water against acne, sebum, signs of aging …

But the use of rice is not reserved for our hair. One of the main assets of rice, inotisol, is a molecule that contributes to cell regeneration , which makes it possible to make an ingenious homemade recipe to fight against oxidative stress. Rich in antioxidants, rice water also contains a maximum of nutrients (potassium, magnesium, zinc, minerals …) … which make it a purifying and invigorating home care: a boon for expelling impurities , regulating sebum, tightening pores … Firmness, radiance, moisturizing, astringent: rice water also works miracles to boost the beauty of the skin.

Homemade beauty recipes with rice water

Option 1: Soak the rice in water (1 cup of rice for 4 cups of water) for about 30 minutes. Filter. Collect the rice water.

Option 2: collect the cooking water from the rice. For this, we make sure to add more water than usual to recover enough rice water. We prefer this option because there are more nutrients.

In any case, we wait until the water has cooled before using it in style. Then, there are a multitude of easy recipes to make on social networks. Among the most popular? A facial treatment carried out by applying cooled rice water to the face using a make-up removing disc, then rinsing with clear water. Alternatively, you can also make a cool conditioner by applying rice water to the hair to strengthen and shine the hair; leave on for twenty minutes before rinsing. Thin hair ? Prefer rinsing water rather than cooking water which will tend to weigh down the hair.

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