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Multiple shampoos and treatments of all kinds are not necessarily the solution for hair on top and hair at its peak shine.

The proof? You can get excellent results using more minor cosmetics. The proof with five expert tips for top hair!

The right shampoo reflex

Divide your shampoo dose into two

We always put too much! Better to do two shampoos – with very little product distributed over the fingertips, then massaged on the scalp – than one alone with too much product, often poorly rinsed.

It makes the difference. We choose an organic formula without sulfate or silicone. And we follow with a conditioner. It’s not new but essential for detangling, smoothing, and shining.

Focus on oils to boost shine

Add organic indigo oil.

Obtained from indigo persicaria from Provence, this oil is a nugget for the hair. One drop in its shampoo massaged on the roots or as a pre-shampoo mask strengthens, protects, soothes, and makes the hair more beautiful, shinier.

abuse coconut oil

Great for softening lengths sensitized by straightening, coloring, as a pre-shampoo mask or mixed with spirulina powder (3 tbsp.), Rich in vitamins, zinc, iron to strengthen them.

The stable version of melting, purer, keeps better.

Brush well for shiny hair

Brush without counting.

We can never repeat it enough: brushing morning and evening before each shampoo is essential.

It helps to ventilate the hair, distribute the protective sebum, eliminate dust and make the shampoo more effective. We choose a pneumatic brush, not too soft boar bristles (Olab brush).


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