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Beauty Makeup

Dos and Don’ts When Tinting Your Eyebrows

Rocha Queen
Ah, eyebrows. We shape them. We groom them. We maintain them. We receive compliments because of them. But, just when...
Beauty Skin Care

Anti-Aging: Natural Care

Rocha Queen
Who can deny that they are not afraid of wrinkles? Everyone is frustrated with the idea of ​​getting old. Know, moreover,...
Beauty Nutrition Skin Care

Hemp: The New Ally For Beautiful Skin

Rocha Queen
Need new effective care for your skin? Try hemp. There is no question of psychotropic activity at all. This plant...

Candelilla Wax For Beauty: Benefits and Properties

Rocha Queen
Natural and homemade cosmetics are currently highly regarded and recommended. Among the ingredients, you must often hear about natural wax. The most popular...