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Castor Oil For Eyebrows: The Expert Method To Derive All Its Benefits

An essential part of our beauty routine, castor oil is THE natural and effective product that is present in any self-respecting toiletry bag. To reap all these benefits and sport full eyebrows, we give you the method of the experts.

We see it everywhere, it haunts our thoughts at any time of the day , castor oil is undoubtedly the flagship product of our beauty routine. For growing our hair, eyelashes, nails, and even fighting small pimples, castor oil is our favorite natural remedy .

As if that was not all, the castor oil for eyebrows , is once again a must in our beauty routine. To reap all the benefits of eyebrows to castor oil, cosmetics experts revealed LA method adopts r . To us the full and healthy eyebrows.

Castor oil for eyebrows: why adopt it?

If we have already adopted it to take care of our hair , castor oil for eyebrows will integrate our beauty routine. For good reason, this oil contains a high concentration of ricinoleic acid, an essential fatty acid. This acid gives it natural antibacterial and antifungal properties which only benefit our eyebrows.

Using castor oil for eyebrows regularly promotes good deep hydration of our eyebrows and thus fortifies them . Thanks to this oil, they quickly gain in shine and are more supplied and less brittle in the long term. What to sport eyebrows without holes and in good health.

Castor oil for eyebrows: the right method to adopt

To include castor oil for eyebrows effectively in our beauty routine, there is a method validated by the experts. To get all the benefits of castor oil for eyebrows, the expert technique is done in the evening, before going to bed.

What could be better than to relax and pamper yourself before joining the arms of Morpheus?

This method starts with washing your face and more specifically your eyebrows to remove all traces of makeup.. Once the eyebrows are cleansed, we apply a layer of pure castor oil generously, using a clean cotton ball.

To apply it correctly, it is important to start with the head and then finish with the tail. For the treatment to work effectively, at bedtime, you will need to sleep on your back to prevent the eyebrow castor oil from ending up on your pillow.

Finally, once the sun is up, we should remove the layer of castor oil on our eyebrows and start our usual routine. Clearly, nothing really rocket science. A good night care that we repeat regularly and we have full and fortified eyebrows.

Eyebrow castor oil: its benefits

Castor oil helps to deeply hydrate our eyebrows and strengthen them. Thanks to this oil, they quickly gain in shine and are more full and less brittle in the long term.

Eyebrow castor oil: the expert method to get all the benefits

The first step in eyebrow treatment with castor oil: make-up removal and cleansing. For the treatment to penetrate and act effectively, it is essential to remove all impurities or makeup residue from your eyebrows. A leftover of your eyebrow pencil could clog the bubles in your brow hairs and prevent castor oil from creeping in.

Once your eyebrows are clean, soak a clean cotton ball in castor oil before applying it liberally on your eyebrows. Start at the head of your eyebrows and end at the tail.

To avoid touching your eyebrows or coming out with oily eyebrows from the oil, do this treatment before going to bed. However, to prevent the oil from ending up on your pillow and no longer acting on your eyebrows, it is important to sleep on your back.

(Beauty tip: sleeping on your back is the key to healthy skin. Our skin does not come into contact with the pillow, which can be a source of bacteria)

Once the sun is up, wash your eyebrows effectively to remove the rest of the oil. For this, you can use your makeup remover or just water. You can then start your usual beauty routine and start over several times a week. Thanks to this method, your eyebrows are full and fortified.

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