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Eye Yoga: Reduce eye fatigue thanks to the eye gym

Yoga is a trend that never goes out of fashion. No one escapes it and, you will see it, not even your eyes

Yes, Yes, you read that correctly; eye yoga is a discipline that helps reduce eye strain

So, neither one nor two will explain to you in detail what it is and who knows… maybe your eyes will also become diligent yogis!

What is eye yoga?

How to eye yoga
How to eye yoga

The term “yoga of the eyes” is indeed puzzling. What position will you find yourself in again!

 We stop you right away; eye yoga is more like eye gymnastics very easy to perform. 

Also called the “Bates method,” it takes its name from the famous American ophthalmologist Dr. William Bates who thought he could improve his patients’ eyesight thanks to the eye gym.

 So far, improved visual acuity has not been proven. However, it helps fight fatigue and dry eyes.

Indeed, ocular gymnastics aims to train the eye by mobilizing the surrounding muscles. Did you know that to move correctly, the eyes use six muscles ?! 

Dr. Bates has shown that the quality of sight depends in part on the flexibility of these muscles. The key to success? 

Perform these eye yoga exercises regularly! There is no secret, especially since this method can be very beneficial to people exposed to screens all day (that is, most of us…)!

What are the benefits for your eyes?

Prolonged exposure to multiple screens adversely affects eyesight. In addition, we spend a lot of time looking at our screens, which causes our eyes to stay fixed for a long time.

Eye yoga thus brings flexibility to the eyes. Indeed, it helps fight against visual fatigue<span data-preserver-spaces=”true”> that can be felt when the eye remains frozen for too long

So, if you, too, are staring at your computer all day, don’t hesitate to take breaks and perform these eye gymnastics exercisesregularly and repeatedly, to relieve your sight!

How to practice eye yoga?

We give you some super easy exercises to make into your daily life to practice eye gymnastics successfully! To be practiced regularly, at your workplace or home. 5 to 10 minutes are enough! Get started!

  1. Look fixedly at an object located fifteen meters away to improve the eye’s accommodation, that is to say, its ability to ensure the sharpness of your vision and adapt to different viewing distances. Then return to observing an object near you.
  2. Perform circular rotation movement in the clockwise direction and then opposite (remember to keep the head straight). You can close your eyes during this exercise.
  3. Imagine a letter of the alphabet or a geometric shape and realize it with your eyes!
  4. Place your index finger in front of the face and fix it by bringing it as close as possible to the nose. Pull it away again and repeat this back and forth motion.
  5. Place your palms (which you will have previously rubbed vigorously against each other for a few moments) in the shape of a shell on your closed eyes for 1 min. The combination of darkness and heat helps release the tension in the eye.

So, did you know about eye yoga? Are you ready to bring the eye gym into your life? Are you a fan of other ways to release pressure, like self-massage?

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