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Eyelash Lift: 6 Things To Know About This Ultra-Trendy Technique Before You Start

All these little things to know before opting for an eyelash lift.

Having long, curled eyelashes is the dream of many of us. To do this, there are several alternatives, more or less natural: false eyelashes, mascara , eyelash curlers, extensions, all excuses are good for adopting a doe gaze. The latest trendy technique for effortless “makeup effect” eyes? Eyelash enhancement!

Eyelash enhancement: a technique that strengthens our natural eyelashes!

Also called “Lash Lift” the technique promises a natural and lasting curve! No more mascara, an enhancement can last up to 8 weeks without any retouching.

For the more flirtatious, it is also possible to request a dark brown or black eyelash tint, and even add a small extra line of liner to intensify the look!

Eyelash enhancement will not damage our natural lashes

On the contrary ! Fixing agents are often composed of natural active ingredients, such as keratin, shea extract or silk protein. Do not hesitate to inquire about the composition from your institute.

It is possible to request a tint of our eyelashes

It is not uncommon for institutes to offer an eyelash tint in addition to enhancement … And for good reason! Intensifying the intensity of our natural color allows for optimal results.

The result will be visible for 6 to 8 weeks

No need for mascaras for 6 weeks… A dream, right? Some professionals even promise a result of up to 2 months after the first intervention.

No touch to our eyes for 48 hours!

Once the pose is finished, be careful not to rub or wet your eyes for two days, at the risk of seeing the curvature disappear.

The service will last between 45 minutes and 1hour 30Mins

No need to take an RTT to have a doe look; the performance will last only 60 minutes on average. Perfect between noon and two …

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