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How to choose your eyeliner?

When you choose an eyeliner, what counts is, first of all, the result you want to obtain.

Liquid eyeliner, felt, gel or pencil?

Liquid eyeliner

It has an applicator brush, and this is its main asset but also its drawback. If the followers swear by it when you start, it is not easy to tame the tool.

And even more than with others, drawing a clear line is an exercise in precision! On the asset side? It ensures a long hold.

We choose it: if we are comfortable with this tool and want to achieve a fine line, flush with the lashes.

Felt eyeliner

The felt applicator is easier to handle. Note that the color dries quickly and that, suddenly, it is instead reserved for experienced hands because it does not allow you to start several times again.

However, getting started is relatively easy, and you get the hang of it quickly.

If we want to vary, we choose it: the felt tip allows fine and or thick lines, more or less bass lines.

Beginner or pro, an eyeliner for every type of use

Pencil eyeliner

Ideal for beginners: easy to apply and easy to blend (give yourself another chance if you’ve missed your line!). It allows you to exercise and get results.

On the other hand, the hold is not optimal, and we avoid it if we want to wear a line of eyeliner all day.

We choose it: if we start!

Gel eyeliner

It’s the favorite of professional makeup artists! It requires combining the jar of gel and a suitable brush. There are different textures more or less dense.

We must also choose the right brush according to the desired result: the liner brush allows you to draw a clean and refined line, the angled brush a more uniform line.


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