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Improve your eyesight with eye yoga

The Decline In Visual Acuity Is Not Inexorable. These Few Exercises Taken From Yoga Of The Eyes Are Effective To See More Clearly …

eye yoga exercises

Regenerate your eyes

Place your palms in the form of a shell over your closed eyes for 1 min.

The fingers are joined and do not let the light pass. It is the combination of heat and darkness that helps to relax and regenerate the eyes.

Practice: several times a day.

Relieve tired eyes

Fix your index finger, bringing it as close to the nose as possible while keeping sharp. Without ever stopping staring at your index finger, extend it as far as your arm allows you.

Then bring it back to your nose, continuing to stare at it. Repeat 25 times in a row, as slowly as possible.

Practice: 3 times a day. And up to once every hour during hard work on the computer. With his glasses, if we have any.

Improve myopia

With your head still, “write” the letters of the alphabet with your eyes open, in upper or lower case.

Do not try to do the whole alphabet at once; 5 to 10 letters are enough to start. Interrupt the exercise with breaks.

Practice: 5 to 15 min per day.

Prevent presbyopia

Take a book and read 1 or 2 pages. Not the printed lines but the white lines between the lines of text.

Practice: 5 to 15 min per day. After a week, you will find that the reading is more accessible.

2 tips for completing eye yoga

– Do not forget the vitamins A, C and E. To give you an eye of lynx, do not hesitate to make cures of blueberry juice, and that several times in the year.

– Also, think about … sessions of “blinking of the eyes”, which stimulate the lacrimal glands and reduce irritation.

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