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9 Tips To Enhance Your Curls On A Daily Basis – Curly Hair

Is your curly hair giving you a hard time? Here are 9 tips to enhance your curls, which will change your life (especially that of your hair).

If you are here, it is surely that some mornings are capillarily more complicated than others, and we understand you. One day, everything is fine and our curls are more beautiful than ever , and the next day, it is a disaster. While it is incredible luck to have curly hair, it sometimes feels like a poisoned gift .

Fortunately, every problem has its solution, and there are many tips to enhance our curls on a daily basis. Get ready, what we are about to reveal to you is sure to change the fate of your curly hair. Well-defined and perfectly hydrated curls are yours, for a gorgeous hairstyle .

Curly hair: these tips for drawing our curls

Breaking news : Even though our curly hair is natural, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a little flair . What does drawing her curls mean? Well that simply means, give them the shape you want. When we are going to apply our care to our curly hair , a few small gestures should be included in our routine to sublimate our curls.

Once our conditioner is applied for example, we use our little fairy fingers to restructure each curl so that they dry perfectly in the shape.that we want. Taking the time to draw your curls allows you to avoid surprises with less structured locks than others, or the presence of unwanted frizz . Drawing your curls also means working them in the early hours of the morning, when the night has weakened them slightly.

For this, we bring a spray spray filled with water and aloe-vera and a comb with a large tooth. The spray will hydrate the curls and moisten them so that the comb defines them and gives them volume . Clearly, nothing very complicated. To sublimate your curls on a daily basis, it is enough to discipline our curly hair.

Curly hair: to wear pretty curls you have to protect them

Being lucky enough to wear curly hair, your primary mission is to protect them . Finally, not you directly, but rather to offer them the right treatments so that your curls survive the outside world. No need to panic, no need to put on armor and go into battle to enhance my curly hair.

You just need to give them a nourishing mask regularly so that your curls do not lack hydration. Also swap your traditional bath towel for a micro-fiber towel to dry your hair without damaging it. You will love to fall for a satin nightcap ultra glamorous that will protect your hair from your cotton pillowcase overnight.

You see, nothing very complicated. Pamper your curly hair, and it will give it back to you with sure-toned curls.

1. Curly hair: space your shampoos

Traditional foamy shampoo tends to attack our scalp and doesn’t always do our curls the most good. If your hair looks dry and lacks definition, go for the co-wash. Once a week wash your hair using only your conditioner to restore vitality to your curls.

2. Curly hair: use a comb with large teeth

To work your curls, relax them without destroying them and give them volume, use a comb with large teeth. These combs will be your allies to draw the hair of your dreams and sport well-defined curls all day long.

3. Curly hair: redraw your curls using a spray

When you wake up, our curls may not be as fresh as the day before. Before you curse your curly hair, give this trick a try. Fill a spray bottle with water and aloe vera, then generously moisten your hair. In addition to being able to rework your curls with water, you offer them hydration that will sublimate them.

4. Curly hair: cut regularly

To sport healthy curly hair and defined curls, there is nothing better than a regular spritz of refreshment. Every 8 weeks maximum, make an appointment with your favorite hairdresser to cut the damaged ends.

5. Curly hair: use a condiitoner

On clean, wet hair, before applying your styling mousse, draw your curls using a leave-in conditioner. This product will allow you to give your curls the shape you want and avoid frizz. Quick tip, work your curls with your fingers for more definitions.

6. Curly hair: protect your hair at night

To avoid unpleasant surprises when you wake up, it is important to protect your hair while we sleep. For this, we opt for a “palm tree” hairstyle above our head, and to go further, we offer ourselves a satin nightgown. Satin helps preserve the beauty of your curls when your pillowcase damages them.Curly hair: protect your hair at night

7. Curly hair: use masks regularly

To sublimate your curls, there is no secret. Everything goes through maintenance. Beautiful, defined curls are hydrated and pampered curls. For this, once a week give your curly hair a good nourishing mask that will eliminate frizz.

8. Curly hair: use products from the same range

If a range of products offers several treatments, it is for optimal results. Using all products from the same brand will provide optimal results and sublimated curly hair. Change the range regularly so that your hair does not get used to a particular treatment and that in the long term, it no longer has any effect.

9. Curly hair: giving up your classic towel

The most common mistake we make is drying our hair with the same type of towel that we use on our body. To avoid frizz and dry your curls without destroying them, opt for a micro-fiber towel. Soft drying is also avoided and the “scrunching” of the curls is favored.


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