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Balayage honey: the new trend that you must not miss!

Do you need a change? Perhaps a new hairstyle will breathe new life into your life. And I strongly advise you to go for the honey sweep. And here there’s why …

When you find your color too dull or have a few gray hairs (well, yeah), honey hair can give you a new lease of life and brighten up your face.

The best way to describe a honey sweep is hair that shines with its gourmet and sunny reflections!

It whets the appetite. Well, that’s the idea with honey balayage. With such hair, you radiate, and therefore you attract others. Your honey hair looks healthy. So, everyone is going to want to know your beauty secrets!

Balayage is a coloring technique that involves working only on the strands at mid-length and the ends. The rest of your hair keeps its natural color. 

Or, if you are blonde or dark brown, you can also color your roots to create a harmonious look.

There are several variations of balayage hair depending on your color:

Californian balayage: for women with blonde hair who want to lighten their hair gently

Honey sweep: which I will detail below

The shaded: which aims to lighten the tip of the hair to obtain a degraded effect 

Caramel Honey Balayage Hair: gives a golden effect to darker hair

Honey balayage isn’t about creating lighter strands. It’sit’s a much more natural contrast. It’s a golden color that’s a lot less aggressive and doesn’t give the impression that you have sharp boundaries in your hair.

The reason why many women are fans of it! So, if your hair is dull or you think it doesn’t represent your personality, try honey balayage. You will not regret it!

You can choose the shade according to your natural hair color and skin tone if you want to have honey hair.

Honey Balayage: Is It For All Hair Types?

If you’ve never colored your hair before, this is the right technique to go for. It damages the hair much less than a classic coloring. Plus, it’s the perfect way to hide your first gray hair.

Honey balayage is great for brunettes and women with brown hair. The main goal is to lighten the hair and have a “sunburn” effect. There are other highlights of light shades, like caramel highlights. But there are a few small differences in the nuances.

You might be wondering what the difference between honey balayage, layered, and hair color is?

While honey balayage is meant to give hair a natural sunlight effect, layering serves a different purpose. It lightens the roots by going from a dark shade to a light shade under a two-tone effect. As for the wicks, they are much more visible and delimited.

This technique is intended for those who want to give character to their hair.

When done right, honey balayage is great for all hair types and skin tones. Indeed, as long as your base color is dark or semi-dark, honey hair will look great on you.

If not, you need to think about changing your base color first. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter if your hair is curly or straight. On the other hand, you will never achieve the golden effect you want if it is too Honey Balayage Short Hair.

Caramel wick or honey hair?

It all depends on your base color. Honey balayage is ideal for women who have dark blonde, brown, or light brown hair. Indeed, these colors will allow you to obtain the sunny effect that you want.

If your base color is darker or you don’t want to color your roots for a honey balayage, you can go for the caramel streak, that is, the caramel balayage. Equally greedy and warm, it will put more of your hair forward and your complexion.

The guide to a perfect honey sweep

So here we are at the most interesting part. How to create a perfect honey balayage?

To have honey hair, you have two options. Either go to your favorite hairdresser, or you do it yourself.

I recommend doing a honey balayage or even a caramel wick at a professional to ensure the result. You don’t want to burn your hair or walk around with yellow strands, do you?

But if you’re on a budget or love DIY projects, here are the steps you need to take (literally!)

The material to create a honey sweep

To perform a scan, you will need:

  • A palette-shaped hairbrush 
  • Disposable gloves
  • A sweep kit (which you can buy at any store)
  • Optional: A cool ash honey blonde balayage toner if you have dark hair to prevent copper plating
  • Highly hydrating shampoo and conditioner

To style your hair after honey balayage:

  • Moisturizing hair oil
  • A heat protection spray
  • A hairdryer

Here we go!

The technique for perfect honey hair

Step 1 – Section

Part your hair into sections. Lift the top of your hair and bring the rest of your hair to the front.

Step 2 – Preparation

Open your balayage kit and prepare the hair dye. Remember to wear gloves when handling bleach.

Step 3 – Hair dye

Take your hairbrush and apply the dye on top of it, making sure the bristles are coated with the dye.

Step 4: Start the scan.

Gently run your brush from the mid-lengths to the tips of your hair on both sides. Then carefully turn around and brush your hair with the dye on the back. Spread the product more generously on the tips and make sure that the buttons are more spaced when going up.

Step 5: Repeat the operation.

Repeat the process on all remaining sections. Make sure that your sweep starts in different places. If you think there is too much product on one or two strands, rub with your hand. 

Step 6: Pass the brush.

Once you completed your sections, run the brush through the mid-lengths and end again to distribute the product evenly. Refer to the instructions for the kit you are using for development time.

It will be around 20 to 50 minutes, depending on your natural hair color and how deep you want the color to be. Wash your hair with a rich, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Step 7 – Dry with a hairdryer

It’sIt’s time to blow dry your hair. Feel free to use healthy hair oils, and don’t forget a heat protection spray before plugging in the hairdryer. 

Last-minute advice

If you want a honey balayage that looks natural, don’t go for a tone more than three times lighter than your base color.

Before you begin, do a strand test to determine how long it takes to achieve the desired color.

When doing your sections, prepare fine strands if you want to stay “natural.”

What is the best technique to maintain a honey sweep?

You need to know that if you want to have a honey balayage or even a caramel strand that still looks healthy, you need to hydrate your hair. For example, you can use oils like olive oil.

Or you can also buy creams.

Likewise, to make sure you keep a permanent shine, you can use products that revive your color. And if you prefer natural options, chamomile is your secret weapon.

Finally, if you always want to look perfect, you need to repeat your coloring every two months.

Here are all the tips I had to give you to create the perfect honey balayage. Good luck!

Types of Honey Balayage Hair

  • Honey Balayage Short Hair
  • Honey Balayage Curly Hair
  • Honey Balayage On Black Hair
  • Honey Balayage Straight Hair
  • Honey Balayage Hair
  • Honey Balayage On Dark Hair
  • Balayage Honey Blonde
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