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Castor Oil: To Use This Miracle Product That Promotes Hair Growth

With its beneficial properties and its action on hair growth, castor oil is one of our beauty essentials. However, be careful not to make mistakes when using it …

A true beauty ally, castor oil is part of our routine! This product from tropical Africa has been used for centuries for its beneficial properties . Skin, nails, migraines, eyelashes and eyebrows, insomnia, but also hair, it can work miracles and that is why we use it without hesitation!

What are the benefits of castor oil on hair on hair?

Castor oil acts on the shine and softness of the hair, but it also has an action on the volume and growth! Indeed, thanks to its richness in fatty acids and nutrients, it nourishes and prevents breakage, while strengthening the hair fiber .

With its anti-inflammatory actions, it relieves irritated scalps and helps maintain hydration. In addition, it helps fight against hair loss thanks to its anti-bacterial action. It then prevents infections of the scalp and protects it against external aggressions.

Finally, it promotes hair growth and regrowth . When castor oil deposits a greasy film on the hair, it makes it thicker and more lustrous. The hair is then in better health and can therefore grow more empty. If you suffer from alopecia or want to gain volume and length, do not hesitate to use it.

Castor oil: mistakes to avoid

While it is perfect for the skin, castor oil should not be ingested, however. Indeed, its effect will be radical: it is a powerful purgative. If you value your gastric comfort, then just use castor oil on your skin or hair.

Likewise, when applying it to the hair, there are certain mistakes that should not be made. Always remember to mix it with another vegetable oil , detangle your hair before using it and let the treatment rest. You will then have revitalized and radiant hair!

Spread castor oil without massaging the roots

Castor oil appears as a treatment for the hair, it helps them to grow faster. For this, it must be spread from the roots. Apply it by massaging the scalp well, and work down to the ends.

Do not let the castor oil sit

After applying the castor oil, wait at least 30 minutes. To do this, cover your head with a hot towel, your hair will be able to soak up the proteins of the oil, which limits the dehydration of dry hair.

Do not untangle the hair before applying castor oil

Before applying castor oil, thoroughly detangle your mane. Separate the hair using pliers and proceed strand by strand.

Do not mix castor oil

The texture of castor oil appears thick and viscous. So when it is applied to the hair, it tends to tangle the hair a bit. You can then use vegetable oil to thin it out. Argan, olive, sesame, coconut … Mix them to obtain a smoother texture, which will adhere properly to the hair.

Use a brush that is not clean

By using a brush, you help the castor oil to adhere well to the hair. However, it must always be clean, so as not to dirty your mane.

Not washing hair properly after applying castor oil

Whether you have chosen to keep the castor oil for an hour or overnight, your hair should be washed well after the treatment, so that it does not remain greasy. So, start by rinsing them thoroughly with clear water. Then simply wash them in order to degrease them. Use your regular shampoo, apply it twice, with a rinse in between. Finally, you can add a small amount of conditioner to properly disentangle your mane.

Put too much castor oil in her hair

If castor oil has many virtues, it should not be abused, at the risk of damaging your hair. Depending on the length of your mane, apply a small amount, remembering to mix it with another oil.

Make a castor oil mask too often

The castor oil mask helps your hair grow faster. However, do not overdo it, so as not to accustom your scalp to this treatment.

Swallow castor oil

While castor oil is great for the hair, it should not be swallowed. Indeed, toxic, it can cause disorders if swallowed.

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