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Mermade Hair, the mermaid hair trend

Regular and harmonious waves on long hair?

It is the latest hairstyle trend. Halfway between wavy and notches, zoom in on this popular hairstyle.

Mermade Hair, heavy waves on long hair

Be careful not to confuse Mermaid Hair and Mermade Hair!

The first expression refers to a coloring technique consisting of playing with several shades to obtain a very colorful result by associating bold colors such as turquoise, pink, purple, or green to obtain mermaid hair (” mermaid “in English).

Nothing to do with the Mermade Hair trend or rather MerMade Hair (literally “hair styled by the sea”)! There, it is a question of hairstyle rather than coloring.

To summarize, MerMade Hair is a variation of wavy waves on very long hair. Result? We obtain a disheveled styled effect, falsely natural and which gives a lot of allure to our hair!

This trend is also an opportunity to gain volume if you have fine hair:<span data-preserver-spaces=”true”> you get a dense and wild mane by making these waves on thin strands. Something to delight those who are always looking for more volume!

How to achieve these waves?

Among the ambassadors of this hair trend? The businesswoman Caroline Receveur ! The one whose hairstyle and style we want is a fan of these mermaid waves.

She has also just launched a beauty brand dedicated to hair, OSes Beauty, offering, among other things, hair devices allowing you to achieve sublime wavy waves. Of which she has the secret.

But the brand is not the only one to market the ideal accessory to achieve this brushing: you can get a 3-head curler from OSes, Asos …

Then you use the device depending on the result you want to obtain: to boost the volume and a more natural look, we proceed with fine strands; for a more consistent and somewhat mechanical result, work the reverse on thicker wicks.

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