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Oil bath: essentials for women

Do you dream of having silky hair? Sweet? Brilliant? Long? By consulting the various articles on the beauty of the hair, the “oil bath” has indeed returned on several occasions.

But what is it? And how can the latter be of great help to you in achieving your goals?

Much more than a trendy product, it is a technique that consists of applying vegetable oil to your hair to give it strength, vitality, and more flexibility.

Depending on your goals, you can use one vegetable oil alone or make several vegetable oils. Some will not even hesitate to pair the recipe with essential oils for greater effectiveness of the treatment.

Therefore, as you will understand, the goal is to find the composition that best meets your needs.

What is the oil bath?

Before you start making your oil bath, it is essential to understand the basics. What is an oil bath? It’s a way to maintain your hair by soaking it with vegetable oil and then leaving it for a few hours or even overnight.

Depending on your hair type, the oil bath allows you to achieve specific goals.

It is essential to find the oil bath recipe that best meets your needs and expectations. Some recipes allow, for example, to restore shine and softness to the hair.

Others are more intended to limit hair breakage. You will also find preventative oil bath recipes and recipes that allow your hair to grow faster.

Anyway, if the benefits of this product are no longer to be proven, it is still essential to be careful not to abuse it too much.

As in all hair care products, too much of it risks bringing disadvantages instead of advantages.

Some things to know about the oil bath

So, of course, the oil bath can be a magical product. However, there are some things you should know and respect about it to be sure that you get the benefits of this product:

How often to do your oil bath?

It is based on your needs and expectations. If this is the first time you have used a natural oil bath for your hair, you may need it more than someone who has already made it their beauty routine.

If you have dehydrated hair, it is advisable to take an oil bath once a week.

The frequency also depends significantly on the period. And for a good reason, in summer, the hair has to face more external aggressors than in spring, for example.

With the sun, the sea, and the wind, the hair tends to be drier. As a result, several oil baths will be necessary and can only do you good.

What is the ideal exposure time?

Once again, the answer to this question greatly depends on your hair and what goals you want to achieve. An oil bath that rests for an hour is already good timing.

But if you have dehydrated hair, it is necessary to allow a longer exposure time, for example, all night long.

How to properly apply the oil bath?

Oil bath recipes change depending on your needs and the condition of your hair. However, the way you apply the product will remain the same.

If you have a lot of hair or very long hair, the first step is to separate it into several parts and brush it gently. Since the oil bath can stain your clothes, choosing a “special oil bath” top is best.

The application of the oil, in itself, will be done strand by strand. It is best to start with the roots, continue to the lengths and finish with the ends.

Once you have evenly distributed the product over your hair, lift it into a high bun. If you want to optimize the action of your oil bath, consider covering your hair in a warm towel or cellophane paper.

Be careful, and it is essential to specify that: the objective is not to have hair dripping with oil. A little oil, but distributed effectively, will do the trick.

What about rinsing?

You are not going to let your oil bath sit for more than the allotted time. Don’t worry; wash your hair to rinse. Of course, it will take two to three shampoos.

The first allows removing the oil layer. The second is necessary for a good cleaning of your hair. If possible, always prefer an organic and natural shampoo. In this article, you will find solid shampoo recipes.

Which vegetable oil to choose for an oil bath?

In the word oil bath, you will find the word “oil.” And for a good reason, the recipes are mainly based on the use of vegetable oil.

Not all vegetable oils have the same properties. Therefore, it is essential to find the oil that best meets your needs and that will best adapt to the nature of your hair.

Note that you can mix and match to combine the benefits of each oil. But no matter which oil you turn to, make sure that it is a virgin and organic oil and, therefore, without additives.

Coconut oil

Very trendy and significantly appreciated for several years, coconut oil is an oil that will open the doors to a trip to the tropics thanks to its delicious smell, very particular. Side properties, it is a product recommended for the hair.

And because this oil is rich in saturated fatty acids and vitamins A and E . These are the ideal components to nourish dry hair and give it more shine.

But it is also a very versatile oil because no matter what your hair types are, you will reap great benefits. Coconut oil is also known for its shaping properties.

Olive oil

Olive oil is used in most oil bath recipes. And for a good reason, it is the most common vegetable oil because it is the easiest to find.

Why choose olive oil? To nourish and strengthen the hair fiber or to treat an irritated scalp. Besides, olive oil is not only intended for the hair. It is also an excellent ally for homemade beauty recipes.

Black seed oil

Black seed oil is not the first oil you think of when making your oil bath. And yet, it offers you considerable benefits for the care of your hair. Rich in vitamins A and E, it has hydrating and purifying properties.

This oil can be recommended to promote hair growth and effectively treat brittle and damaged hair.

Argan oil

This oil is a classic when it comes to hair care. Thanks to these nourishing and moisturizing properties, this oil is essential for all those who have dry, dull, or coarse hair.

In a few applications, you will immediately notice that your hair gains in shine and softness.

Jojoba oil

If you are worried that you may not find the ideal oil, you can turn to jojoba oil, depending on your hair type. Ultra versatile, it is suitable for oily hair, dry hair, and damaged and dull hair.

The jojoba oil has re-balancing, nourishing, softening, and regenerating.

Sweet almond oil

Do you have dry hair? Brittle? Kinky? Think of sweet almond oil. This oil is an emollient. Therefore, it provides more softness to your hair.

It is also a great help in repairing hair damaged by the sun or by dyes. If you want to define your curls and waves, the sweet almond oil-based oil bath will be a choice that won’t disappoint.

Broccoli oil

It is no coincidence when you consider broccoli oil to be a perfect oil for hair. And for a good reason, many people think it to be natural silicone.

And for a good reason, this oil brings shine and softness to the hair. Except unlike products with chemicals, this oil does not weigh down or choke hair.

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