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Smooth And Fine Hair

Smooth And Fine Hair: 7 Tips To Add Volume To Your Hair

Flat hair? We give you tips that really work, to sport smooth, fine hair, but above all with volume.

It is the dream of all girls, to show off voluptuous and bewitching hair . Problem, when we have straight and thin hair, our hair tends to lack volume . If stress, and the external environment can also play on our hair mass, there are always some tips to remedy it. Simple, yet effective, these techniques will help you cheat and build volume in your hair. Ladies, to your notes.

Straight and thin hair: adopting the right haircut

Ladies, although you value your length , there are times when for the sake of our hair we have to sacrifice it. We reassure you, we do not tell you to go from long hair worthy of Disney princesses, to a pixie cut , far from it. Simply, think about shortening your hair a few inches.

The length tends to weigh down our hair, and therefore to accentuate this “flat” side that we want to do without. Thanks to a shorter or shorter bob, or with a gradient , embracing the short-haired trend has never been easier. And if you’re really not ready to face your barber’s scissors, there are other tips.

You can opt for a sweep and thus create an optical effect of volume, or use your trusty hair dryer. Obviously, on a daily basis, you will have to arm yourself with the essential and unmistakable volumizing spray, which will undoubtedly offer you voluminous and glamorous hair at will.

1. Have a good diet

To have strong and healthy hair, you need to choose the right foods. Those rich in vitamins C, iron and zinc, will promote the growth of your hair and therefore the volume.

2. Adopt volumizing spray

There is a solution for each problem, and in the event of a lack of volume, there are sprays to create really effective ones. Spray the spray on your roots which you will “crimp” to obtain the desired volume.

3. The hairdryer is your ally

To give volume to your hair, nothing better than drying with a hairdryer. Using a round blow-drying brush, you can give your hair the shape and volume you want.

4. Choose a color

Doing one color will not give you more volume, but doing a few highlights, an ombré or a balayage, will create an optical effect. In addition to sporting a canon color at the arrival of spring, thanks to the balayage you will bring depth and therefore give volume to the hair.

5. Rinse your hair with cold water

This is not the most pleasant trick (except in a heat wave) but for softer hair, rinse your hair with cold water. Cold water helps tighten the scales and prevent static electricity in your hair.

6. Have you thought about the gradient?

What better way to create volume in our hair than the traditional layered one. If it has long disappeared from trendy cuts, in 2021, it is making its big comeback for our greatest happiness.

7. Cut your hair

For more voluminous hair, it is sometimes necessary to privilege the short to the long one. In addition to having a fresh and ultra-trendy hairstyle, you will give your hair the volume it was hoping for.


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