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The Best Natural Tips To Hair Growth

Everything you need to know to have long and strong hair!

While there is no magic formula for instant growth, there are some simple tips that can help us improve the health and growth of our hair. Here they are !

Hair growth: pay attention to the diet!

Although genetics play a role in hair growth , several other factors also come into play, for example diet. Eating a diet that does not contain the right nutrients can lead to hair loss. Likewise, eating a balanced diet with the right nutrients can promote hair growth, especially if you experience hair loss due to poor nutrition.

Hair growth: your doctor is your best ally!

It is common to lose a few strands of hair . Our hair falls out normally when it has finished its cycle. However, while losing 50 to 100 strands per day is quite normal, it becomes a concern when one is losing a large amount more.

If you are concerned about hair loss or are having trouble growing your hair , the best solution is to see your doctor or dermatologist.

Natural tips that promote hair growth

Treat yourself to a scalp massage

Scalp massage can help promote relaxation and relieve stress. What’s more, according to a 2016 National Library of Medicine study it may also help improve the health of your hair.

The study examined the effectiveness of the daily 4-minute scalp massages. After 24 weeks, the researchers found that the nine men involved in the study had thicker hair than they initially had.

Fill up on vitamins

If you think you are vitamin deficient, taking vitamin supplements can be a great idea.However, be sure to see your doctor first, so that you are getting the right amount (and the right type) of vitamins for you.

Try caffeine products

According to a 2014 study from the National Library of Medicine, caffeine has growth promoting effects on your hair.

Cut your hair

It may seem counterproductive, but if you want your hair to grow, you need to cut it regularly. Regular cuts remove split ends and damaged and are necessary for natural and healthy growth. If left untreated, split ends can move up the shaft of your hair strand and cause even more breakage.

Essential oils are your friends!

Essential oils like rosemary oil, pumpkin seed oil, and peppermint oil can help with hair growth. A study from the National Library of Medicine showed that pumpkin seed oil increased hair growth in men by up to 40%. Be sure to dilute the essential oils, however.

Minimize your use of heated tools

The heat from curling irons, hairdryers, and straighteners can damage your hair and break it.

Rinse your hair with cold water

Just as hot water can dry out your skin, it can also damage your hair. A cold water rinse will help close the cuticle and strengthen the hair follicles.

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