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What hairstyle at 60?

Win a few years or proudly assume your age by sporting a cut that combines glamour and naturalness! We present you with our favorite hairstyles!

Between the essential gray and the damaged hair, approaching sixty in peace with his hair is far from won. Yet, you can afford almost anything at this age. And it would be wrong to deny it. 

The only imperative? Favor cuts that respect the hair fiber and do not harden facial features … as at any age, in short.

What hairstyle at 60?

As at any age, we start with a styling that highlights the shape of his face. Square face? Oval? Somewhat triangular or diamond-shaped? We have put together a maximum of tips to find the most suitable hairstyle according to the shape of his face. Then, we opt for the proper cut according to his age.

At 60, we avoid:

  • Overly structured cuts require a precise and efficient chisel stroke, such as a neat square or a bowl cut. Very trendy, they harden the features after a certain age.
  • Hair pulled back that clears the straight face hair that will accentuate and harden facial features. Result? We risk appearing older. Not great.

We validate:

  • The fuzzy and natural waves bring softness and like an aura to the face.
  • The wick covers the forehead and gives movement to the entire hairstyle. Is it a big plus? By hiding (a little) the forehead, it gives a real boost. We avoid at all costs the curtain fringe, too massive and rigid, which will weigh down the cut.
  • The short bob and the boyish cut for a modern and chic style. If you have damaged hair, little time to style your hair … the shortcut is a perfect option. And contrary to popular belief, she is very feminine.

And if celebrities inspired us…

100% glamorous under photographers’ flashes or natural ones on social networks, the celebrities proudly assume. And they are right: stylish, elegant … their sixties suit them.

From Kim Basinger to Andie MacDowell, via Iman or Jerry Hall and without forgetting the charm of celebrities over which the passing time does not seem to have a hold.

The proof with Carole Bouquet, Nathalie Baye, Isabelle Huppert, a standard of great elegance! 

What do they have in common? 

Hairstyles in tone highlight their charm while avoiding extravagance: fuzzy strands that bring softness cut that emphasizes volume, glamorous brushing, or natural effect, they are all good!

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