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What is Gray Blending Hair Trend?

Gray Blending meets many followers. This new hair trend has indeed been spotted on many influencers as well as on several catwalks on the catwalks.

But then, the what is Gray Blending? We will explain everything to you.

Gray Blending is in vogue. This new sweeping trend has been seen (very) many times on social networks, but also on the catwalks of the biggest fashion shows.

So what exactly is Gray Blending? Who is this type of balayage best for? And how do you take good care of it? We take stock.

What is Gray Blending?

In English, the term “Gray Blending” means “mixture of gray”. This name then perfectly defines this specific type of coloring.

Indeed, Gray Blending is a balayage that offers different shades of gray to the hair. This technique is ideal for subtly sublimating white hair .

Finished, therefore, the sophisticated coloring to hide his canities, the trend is now that we wear it proudly.

Note, this balayage isn’t just for people with white / gray hair. Gray Blending can also be an ideal technique for those who wish (finally) to dare to use ashy highlights.

The Gray Blending Balayage Technique

Gray Blending is done in exactly the same way as a classic balayage . Indeed, different gray strands (even white) will be made near the hairline.

If a more uniform effect is desired, the half-lengths and the lengths can also be worked.

It is obviously recommended to perform a Gray Blending scan in a hairdressing salon – rather than at home – in order to have an accurate diagnosis and a tailor-made realization.

A specialist will be able to achieve beautiful shades of gray in your hair, perfectly suited to your natural hair color and skin tone.

How to maintain your Gray Blending coloring?

As with any balayage, a hair salon appointment every three months is essential to maintain a Gray Blending.

Note, maintenance and salon visits will be more important for a Gray Blending done on brown hair .

In addition, colored and highlighted hair requires attention and maintenance every day.

So to make the beautiful shades of gray of Gray Blending last as long as possible, we adopt an exemplary hair routine.

On a daily basis, we therefore rely on products specially adapted to colored hair.

We therefore favor shampoos for colored hair which will prevent the color from bleeding and which will protect the hair fiber from external aggression’s, such as UV rays and pollution.

We also opt for masks for colored hair which will provide hydration and shine to the hair.

Finally, to best preserve its Gray Blending balayage, avoid heated styling devices (such as straightening irons or curling irons).

The heat of these devices modifies the pigments and thus weakens the coloring.

Who is the Gray Blending trend for?

It’s simple: Gray Blending balayage is suitable for everyone. It’s ideal for women who want to sport an ashy balayage , and it’s perfect for those who want to sublimate their white hair.

In addition, Gray Blending is ideal for brown and blonde hair.

The result will indeed be very natural and the maintenance to preserve this type of sweeping will not be too important (a salon visit every four months is more than sufficient).

On the other hand, people with brown hair should bet on darker shades of gray to get a fairly natural result.

In addition, the maintenance of the balayage will have to be more important than that envisaged for the blond hair.

Finally, Gray Blending is suitable for all haircuts . This sweep will allow to bring movement and volume to a short haircut . And, on long hair , Gray Blending will offer depth and luminosity.

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