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silk pillows for silk hair

Where to get silk pillowcases for silky hair and beautiful skin

Several web personalities extol all the benefits of silk pillowcases. I had never questioned my choice of fabric for my pillowcases, but I am a little easily influenced, so why not try them!

Before investing in this expensive piece of fabric, I did my little research. Several sites and blogs were selling the benefits of sleeping on silk: preventing wrinkles, helping skin problems such as acne, eczema, allergies, etc.

Smoother skin

I have to admit, I have never seen my skin look better than since I started sleeping every night with this pillowcase. 

The few little buttons I had here, and there are gone. The slightly dehydrated skin on my nose and cheeks settled.

Better sleep

I would even say that when I wake up, I feel less “wrinkled.” Funny to say, but I’ve been sleeping better since then. Silk has a very high quality of keeping cool, perfect for the next heatwaves!

Silkier hair

Several also spoke of the benefits of silk pillowcases on the hair. Mine is curly and discolored, so their maintenance, especially in summer (thank you humidity), becomes a near-nightmare! Since I changed my sleeping habits, I noticed that my curls were less dry and less tangled.

I don’t want to give you false hopes here, I don’t wake up every morning with Cinderella’s hair on, but the slight difference makes all the difference! I can not wait to see in the long term if the improvements will be even more marked … To be continued!

But beware of the price …

Well, let’s face it, silk is expensive. So before you embark on this crazy expense, I advise you to do like me and ask your entourage to find out if someone already has a silk pillowcase at home. I have an aunt who has everything (but when I say everything, that’s everything!) And she kindly wanted to give me the soft silky pillowcase that was lying in her wardrobe.

To buy silk pillowcases online.

Otherwise, here are some products you can get online:


100% Natural Silk Pillowcase, Amazon – $30.99


Luxury Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, Etsy – $66

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