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Which Foods To Favor To Take Care Of Your Hair?

Are you looking for miracle tricks to make your hair grow faster? And if you bet on your diet, it just might be the key to dreamy hair. To do this, we have made a list of these miracle ingredients that will make the difference.

Food: the secret to absolutely sublime hair?

If you’ve always dreamed of sporting long, shiny locks, it might be time to invest in some essential nutrients. The goal? Protect the scalp, stimulate hair follicles and thus make hair grow faster.

Why ? Because the follicles constantly recreate new hair and hairs from nutrients such as fats, vitamins and minerals already present in the body.

It is therefore important to pay attention to your diet: the scalp will be better protected, the hair follicles stimulated and the hair stronger and shinier.


It is thanks to zinc and proteins that oysters represent a true miracle food for the hair. So even if they are not to be consumed every day, oysters remain an occasional beauty ally.


Lenses contain many elements that promote hair growth, including iron, which remains its major asset. An essential food in your eating routine if you want to promote hair growth.

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are full of healthy vitamins and nutrients: beta-carotene, vitamin A: these elements contribute to healthy scalp and hair growth.

Yellow pepper

Yellow peppers are the best for hair growth since they contain more vitamin C unlike orange peppers for example. This thus helps to strengthen the hair follicles. In addition, vitamin C also prevents loss and fights against broken hair at the ends.

The salmon

Oily fish, especially salmon, is a very good ally for beauty. Rich in omega 3, it helps strengthen follicles and stimulate hair growth. Its vitamins and proteins stimulate the hair already present. Iron helps hair grow faster. In short, it is one of the flagship foods for beautiful, long hair.

The almonds

Like fish, almonds are rich in Omega 3. They are also full of fatty acids and vitamins E and B8 which promotes the beauty of the scalp.


Foods that make hair grow should be a good source of iron like asparagus. If this vegetable does not affect you and does not appeal to you, you can always turn to spinach.


Rich in protein, eggs are a real asset when it comes to hair. The biotin recommended in cases of hair loss and the leucine which promotes the growth of new hair, make eggs an essential in our hair routine.

The chicken

Chicken is packed with protein and provides keratin, an essential element that forms the sheath of the hair and thus protects and strengthens the hair. Note, other white meats such as turkey offer the same benefits.

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