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How to hold your lipstick under your mask?

Before going out, you put on your surgical mask to protect yourself (and others) from COVID-19. And must be recognized that the combination of lipstick + surgical mask does not mix very well.

So much so that some of us now prefer to have a quick hand over the make-up of the mouth and to give up – purely and – to make up our lips.

Lipstick and a protective mask

Over the first eight months of the year, sales of cosmetic products fell 16.9% *. And the most significant drop concerns lipsticks: during confinement, sales would have fallen by 75% and would continue to fall since deconfinement.

In question? The fact that the mouth is very often hidden behind a mask, but also the messy side making it impossible to keep a mask ‘intact.’

How to hold your lipstick?

Two good reasons to give up? Not necessarily. Because sporting a pretty red mouth (or another shade for that matter) is not impossible.

On condition of mastering the art and the manner … For the red to hold, you must first take care of your smile.

Do not forget to regularly exfoliate your lips with a scrub to remove dead skin and make your lips softer; to do this, we apply its exfoliation by circular motion once a week – or once every 15 days -. On the skincare side, we also hydrate the lips well with balms, masks, etc.

We are spoiled for choice, so no excuse to ignore this daily care! Then we move on to makeup. For optimal hold, REVLON expert makeup artist recommends that you start by outlining the lips with a lip liner (the Colorstay ™ REVLON for the brand expert), then coloring the inside of the lips to achieve a beautiful base.

Then apply the lipstick! Finally, we finish the makeup by placing a handkerchief between his lips to absorb the excess material as much as possible!

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