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Cloud Skin: What Is This New Spring Make-Up Trend To Adopt Urgently?

The “cloud skin” is the new trend of the moment in terms of make-up. A concept that will bring you your necessary dose of sweetness and reverie.

A new trend has emerged recently on the networks, highlighted by our counterparts in American Glamor magazine : the “cloud skin”.

The promise ? A skin with a natural glow that will seduce you. To know everything about this new make-up, we give 3 tips that will be useful to you.

Cloud Skin: the makeup that transports us to seventh heaven

Invented by makeup artist Dominic Skinner, Cloud Skin is the latest trend to come from abroad, and cloud skin is more of a blurry, hazy, and lit gaze from within. Think of the sun shining through a strip of clouds, that’s what we’re looking for here.

“ Cloud Skin is so different from the other trends that were present before the pandemic, ” says celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg. “People need more dimension because of the virtual time we live in.”

This dimension to which it refers is exactly what Cloud Skin gives, thanks to a strategic blend of skin care and makeup to achieve a natural glow in the face.“You have to blend the textures of whatever you put on your skin; think dewy, shiny, and matte,” says Greenberg. This is what creates the blurring effect of the trend.

Step 1: prepare the skin

We recommends starting with a super-hydrating base like Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. Then let it sit and apply a layer of face oil like Skinowl Selenite Oil. “Now your skin is glowing and wet”.

Step 2: Foundation and powder

“Next, I take Moisturizer Stick, which is luminous and creates a great, even base,” adding that using a buffing brush will help you achieve an even finish.

Then it is crucial to use your powder to get that dreamy, foggy feeling.

The perfect time to use the Cloud Set: Greenberg also loves Beautyblender’s new setting powder.
“It removes some of the moisture, but the powder also fades away, this which allows you to give different textures to your face. ”

To make those matte areas even creamier, and adds concealer on top of the powder, dabbing and blending with a Beautyblender or fluffy brush. Then return to the corrector with a light dusting of powder. It will give you a really fluffy and dimensional cloud look.

Step 3: balm

You can stop here as the dewy base will have already been highlighted against the fluffy powder sections of your face. If you want a truly angelic glow, add a higllighter / balm on cheeks, lips, eyes .

If you want a little more color – “like when the sun goes down behind the clouds and the color peaks “- you uses a tint balm instead, like Makeup blighlighters (yes, they’re a blush and highlighter combo).

“Each texture should blend in with each other, you may need to blend all the obvious lines,”

“When you put on this makeup, you want to have a light and airy touch, not direct and strong.”

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