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Few cosmetics for natural, sexy and light makeup

Natural and sexy makeup?

The result is not always guaranteed between the desire to hide slight imperfections and the fear of multiplying layers. Expert advice to obtain stunning results with minor cosmetics.

Divert her cosmetics for light and glamorous makeup

Hide everything with concealer

If the skin is well-groomed, well-hydrated, a liquid concealer, barely more transparent than its shade, will do the job to unify and boost radiance.

Confetti patted with the finger on the gray of the ring, the mobile eyelid, the redness (wings of the nose, buttons, vessels…), that changes everything!

Divert its red ink

The right investment? A matte liquid lipstick. Can use it on the lips and the cheeks or eyelids.

We diffuse the color with a finger or a sponge to gently raise the pink.

Opt for a perfect complexion … and light

Unify with complexion milk

There is no need to suffocate your skin under a ton of foundation, which freezes the features and makes us take ten years.

A BB cream, a complexion serum, or even tinted milk sprinkled with micro-pearls of pigments unify everything transparently, moisturize and instantly give a much more natural glow (you can find it at Clarins or Typology).

Focus everything on the look

Always have a brown, black, or gray kohl pencil.

It is applied along the fringe of the eyelashes: it is ideal for intensifying the eyelashes and enlarging the eye.

And you can also bet on the kohl pencil as a 3-in-1: melted with your finger on the mobile eyelid, it makes a magnificent smoky. And on the eyebrows, it fills in the hollows and densifies them.

bet on mascara

Essential! In addition to lengthening our eyelashes, we can also take a little material with a fine brush on the brush to turn it into an eyeliner.

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