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How to properly remove makeup from your eyes?

With Their Thin And Delicate Skin, The Eyes Deserve Special Make-Up Removal. Discover Our Tips And Advice For Effective And Gentle Eye Makeup Removal.

Eye make-up removal: the eyelids

For this ultra-delicate area of ​​the face, we adopt a gentle gesture and anti-irritant make-up removers.

The ideal make-up remover?

Micellar water or a two-phase make-up remover, two formidable products for removing make-up from the eyes. No need to rub or pull on the eyelids with this type of product. Here are the 3 steps to follow:

  • A cotton square is generously soaked in make-up remover. For even more softness, you can opt for baby cotton. If you want to save your make-up remover, you can wash your cotton pad in a bit of water beforehand. Thus, you will reduce its absorbing power.
  • Apply cotton wool over the entire eyelid and lash area. We then pat the place to soak the skin well with make-up remover, then gently press the cotton with the fingers without moving, for ten seconds, to better dissolve the make-up.
  • You can then gently slide the make-up remover cotton over her eyelid and eyelashes to remove the last make-up residue.

Eye make-up removal: eyelashes

To properly remove make-up from your eyelashes and prevent them from falling prematurely, here are the beauty procedures to adopt:

  • We fold cotton on itself that we wrap around the fringe of his eyelashes.
  • Gently and slowly pinch your eyelashes to soak them well with make-up remover, then gently remove the cotton without rubbing it on the eyelashes.
  • To remove the last residues of mascara, you stroke eyelashes with the edge of the cotton pad, moving towards the outside of the eyes.
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