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Loose powder: how to use it well?

To Set The Make-Up And Prevent The Skin From Shining, We Apply Loose Powder After Having Made Up The Entire Face. The Right Actions To Tame This Ultra-Fine Powder.

A little loose powder can completely change the look of makeup. It makes it possible to fix it throughout the day and, above all, to eliminate excess sebum. In other words, thanks to it, we unify and mattify our complexion.

How to choose your loose powder?

In some brands, it is rather white or transparent, while in others, it is darker, even the result of a soft mixture of several shades (pink, purple, green, and white at Givenchy, for example).

But in fact, the problem of the color does not arise not because of any brand it is, and the loose powder is neutral. Its color is universal, giving it the advantage of applying to all skin tones.

When and how to apply it?

To have the perfect complexion, we apply the foundation, the concealer, and the corrector… and finally, we fix everything with a little loose powder.

We choose a powder puff in tissue, usually provided with no brush to put on the skin. No need either to go and recover the loose powder in the large sieve of the case since there is enough of it each time in the cover.

Before applying it to the face, lightly tap the powder puff on the back of your hand to remove the excess, and aim mainly at the zone: forehead, nose, and chin.

 The secret of loose powder: apply little, even if you have shiny skin, to avoid the masking effect and the too velvety complexion, which, in addition, suffocates the skin of the face.

Keep in mind that a small box of loose powder should last us for months.

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