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milk of magnesia makeup uses

Milk of magnesia makeup, the ultimate makeup primer for oily skin

The glitters appear when you least expect them. If you have oily skin, you know what we are talking about. You apply your makeup, you look in the mirror, you see it perfect, but after a few hours, the undesirable shine begins to appear.

The sensation is as if the makeup base melts since this secretion of fat makes it last fewer hours on the skin.

Have you tried everything, and nothing works for you? We recommend milk of magnesia to eliminate annoying shine. The best primer for a day is that you need your makeup to last for many hours. We recommend it, above all, for very oily skin that continuously secretes sebum and shine.

Milk of magnesia is marketed to treat heartburn. However, it is a very versatile product that is very useful in beauty treatments, both for its mattifying effect and for its power to reduce open pores, among other benefits.

This milk is the result of mixing water with magnesium oxide. With a watery texture and whitish color, it is slightly more liquid than a conventional cream.

Despite the magnificent results that are obtained on the skin, We only recommend milk of magnesia makeup for very specific and special occasions, for an event in which you will be wearing makeup for many hours. As a frequent use, We would not opt for this product, even less for dry or balanced skin.

How to apply milk of magnesia as a makeup primer?

  1. With clean and hydrated skin, apply the milk of magnesia with your fingertips in circular motions all over your face, as if you were applying a moisturizer. Distribute the product evenly throughout the skin.
  2. Wait about 5 minutes for the milk to settle and dry on the skin. The first sensation is tight but immediately disappears when applying makeup base.
  3. If your skin is very oily, apply the milk of magnesia all over your face as if it were a primer. Then, mix a little milk with the makeup base and distribute the mixture over the forehead and nose area, focusing on that most conflictive T-zone that secretes more fat. Only apply makeup base to the rest of the face.
  4. In addition to its mattifying powder, milk of magnesia reduces open pores, leaving the complexion completely smooth.
  5. The milk of magnesia makeup, in addition to shading, enhances the coverage of the makeup base. For this reason, the makeup artist does not recommend using foundations with too much coverage since the skin is tinged with milk. Instead, opt for lighter foundations with medium-low coverage.
  6. If you want juicy skin but want to avoid shine in the T zone, apply a little milk of magnesia makeup as a primer only on the forehead and nose area. Then, make up the face with the makeup base.
  7. Avoid applying milk in the area around the eyes as it is very fine and sensitive skin that can become excessively dry.

Try milk of magnesia makeup once and try when you need it one at any events

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