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Men’s hair: how to take care of it

Many men struggle to find the right care for their hair . In the majority of cases, they employ techniques that attack instead of maintaining them. Know dear gentlemen that taking care of the hair is more than cleaning it. Shampoo is not enough to solve your hair problems. You must do additional care to treat them at the root. Abused, they become brittle, dehydrate easily and lose their shine.

And alopecia , baldness, good maintenance is the ideal prevention. So to embellish your symbol of virility, strength … and seduction, you must take care of it often and effectively.

Get to know your hair type

To be able to solve a hair problem, you must first know your hair type. This is important in order to be able to find effective care and treatment. There are three main types of hair you should know about:

  • Normal hair : Called “perfect hair” by women, it is soft to the touch, it shines and is easy to comb. In short, they reflect good hygiene and good maintenance. Normal hair can become oily or dry if you use the wrong care.
  • Dry hair : it lacks sebum and is very fragile. They are rough, brittle, stiff and dull. This is generally the case with curly, frizzy and frizzy hair.
  • Oily hair : it is due to excessive secretion of sebum. The hair looks heavy, greasy and very shiny. They are soft and difficult to style. This type of hair is often affected by dandruff and prone to slow growth.

Forget about washing your hair every day

Washing your hair every day is unnecessary. It is true that pollution, wind, perspiration, dust mites… make them dirty. But, 2 to 3 times of shampooing per week are enough to purify and protect them. Washing your hair too often takes a toll on your hair. As with the skin, sebum is essential for forming a protective barrier. Frequent washing can break down this barrier. And your hair dries out, dulls, becomes brittle and becomes brittle.

Exceptions :

In some cases, it may happen that daily washing is necessary. When the weather is hot or when you exercise, the excessive production of sweat can regress them. We must then save them by washing them. The workplace like construction sites … can be more polluting and dustier. In this case, washing is also compulsory. And then you have to make up for it in the care to repair and protect your hair.

Do the right thing when you wash them

Yes, washing your hair is certainly a piece of cake. But, there are techniques to avoid manhandling them. To tighten the scales and make your hair more resistant, you need to wash it at the right temperature. They need freshness and therefore require the use of warm or cold water. Hot or hot shower can damage them. Your shampoo contains care , you must give them time to penetrate your hair and your scalp. For this you need to perform a light circular massage on your scalp. It’s both relaxing and good for your hair. Massage improves blood circulation and relaxes nerve endings. Once the shampoo is well distributed, it is then necessary to rinse to eliminate impurities and residues. When your hair is rinsed well, it is shinier and non-sticky.

Know how to choose your shampoo

There are shampoos suitable for each type of hair. Stop using shampoo from your campaign or roommate. The hair styling products that are tailored to the fairer sex are often ineffective on men’s hair . It is best to know your hair type and its problems. This helps you choose a shampoo that best matches it. Read the label before shampooing. If you have dry hair, choose a nourishing shampoo for dry hair. The same goes for curly hair, colored hair, straight hair and, etc. There are shampoos that are suitable for it.

Currently the trend is in solid shampoos, maybe you can find your shampoo there. It is both natural and economical and there are some that are suitable for frequent washing. Note that they are much gentler on the hair compared to conventional shampoos which contain chemical components.

Do hair care from time to time

Your shampoo already contains care for your hair , but which is insufficient in the face of multiple aggressive agents. Apart from dirt and impurities, hair faces other problems. They can become fragile due to aggression and require strengthening and revitalizing care. Or they can break and need repairing care . The most common problem in men is hair loss and alopecia. They are in great need of anti-hair loss, strengthening and nourishing care. There are several treatments suitable for all hair problems : very dry hair, oily hair, dandruff, etc.

Your hair needs to be pampered daily to stay beautiful and healthy. They need to be hydrated and fed. You can then apply a hair mask or serum, or take an oil bath. Caring for men with long hair as well as those with short hair .

Take the time to do a scrub and hair mask

Doing the total is advisable to have beautiful hair and maintain it in good health. To go far in hair care, a scrub and a mask once a month is essential. These are treatments that treat the scalp and hair in depth. Doing a hair scrub helps remove impurities and dead skin that clogs your scalp. This allows your hair to breathe and grow normally. Contrary to what you may think, the scrub works gently on the scalp without irritating it.

As for the hair mask , it is ideal for moisturizing, balancing and nourishing the hair. It is applied at the root, on the lengths and the ends. To intensify the properties of the mask, you can wrap your hair under a warm towel.

If you feel unable to do these treatments yourself, you can make an appointment with your hairdresser. At the same time as a change of cut, you can do a complete treatment including the scrub and the hair mask. It will also be an opportunity to relax and de-stress. For bearded men, it is also a godsend for maintaining and embellishing your beard.

Go to the hairdresser

Currently many men go to the hairdresser, simply for the purpose of pleasing. Put your shyness on the ground and indulge in a few hours of relaxation and hair care. In hairdressing salons, services reserved for men have evolved. They know and have the necessary care for each type of hair. As professionals, they know exactly which treatment is best for your hair. So, if you have any doubts about the choice of your treatment, take advice from them.

Cutting their hair once in a while can do them some good. The hair is lighter and free of damaged ends. And if you decide to lengthen them, keep your habit of going to the hairdresser. They require care, so you might as well entrust them to a professional.

How often to go to the hairdresser?

The frequency of visits to the hairdresser depends on your cut and the length of your hair. When you have short hair, maintaining the cut is tricky. After a few days or weeks, the effect you want wears off. For the buzzcut cut for example, you have to cut them every week to maintain the 3 mm. For a classic cut, maintenance must be done every month. And for long hair, you can wait 1-3 months to maintain the cut. In the meantime, you can take care of them at home to keep them healthy.

Go to natural styling

Styling gels are harmless, but excessive use can be harmful to your hair. They can make hair greasy, leaving layers of residue. Besides, there is a good way to condition and texturize your hair at the same time. Use natural gel or wax. They perfectly play the role of fixer, holding your hair in place. And above all, it offers a natural matt effect. In the market, you can find it in spray, powder or cream.

The right actions to avoid baldness or alopecia

Hair loss can be temporary and can happen to both men and women. When the fall lasts more than three months, you must think about alopecia or baldness. Hair falls out and grows back thinner. It is a disease which mainly affects men. To avoid it, you just need to maintain the hygiene of your hair and strengthen it with appropriate care. Stop using too aggressive products based on chemical components. Protect yourself from the sun with a hat or cap. Be careful, gentlemen, it is not advisable to cover your hair too often. When you are out of the sun, remove your headgear. Apart from that, you have to eat balanced and varied. Your hair especially needs iron, copper, zinc, vitamin B, silicon and essential fatty acids.

In case you are suffering from alopecia, consult a specialist for advice. There are cosmetic and pharmacological treatments to combat it. As a natural remedy for falls, you can try using the benefits of essential oils. Add 2 drops of Ylang-ylang essential oil , 2 drops of Saint-Thomas berry essential oil and 2 drops of Atlas cedar essential oil in a dose of shampoo. Massage and leave for a few minutes before rinsing off.

Specific characteristics of men’s hair

The mechanism of growth is the same for each individual. What differentiates the hair of men and women is the length of the growth cycle. In men it is 2 to 4 years while in women it is 4 to 7 years. This duration is variable depending on the individual. Men’s hair grows slower. In addition, the male hormones which determine the abundance of hair have an inhibitory action on hair growth. This is why alopecia is more common in men.

Effective home hair care for men

For you who like to take care of your hair, natural care is waiting for you. They are perfectly effective and easy to apply. The preparation is simple and the ingredients are easy to find. You can certainly find them in your kitchen cupboard.

Vegetable oils to maintain your hair

To make an oil bath, the ideal is to choose a vegetable and organic oil.

Here are some examples of vegetable oils that you can use on your hair:

Argan oil : very moisturizing, it is a dry oil to the touch. She is made all types of hair.
Sweet almond oil : it is suitable for dry, brittle, wavy, colored and thick hair.
Castor oil : it nourishes, stimulates and accelerates hair growth.
Coconut oil : it is ideal for dry hair. It also stimulates growth, hydrates, nourishes and gives hair shine.

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