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6 tips for beautiful white nails

We all dream of having beautiful white nails. Whether they are manicured or natural, short or long, our nails sublimate our hands.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to keep your nails white. If these tend to turn yellow, here are some perfect tips for whitening your nails.

Just as we can love to put on make-up or do our hair, taking care of our hands and nails is part of our beauty routine.

And whether you prefer to have long or short, natural or colored nails , it doesn’t matter: to have pretty, healthy nails, you have to take care of them.

Even so, some nails tend to turn yellow and lose their pretty shine. Here are all our tips for keeping your nails white.

How to have white nails?

It is impossible to hope to have beautiful white nails without going through the cleaning step.

Our hands, in permanent contact with the outside, are a real nest for germs which especially like to lodge under the fingernails. It is therefore essential to clean them for the whiteness but also for the cleanliness.

For perfect nail hygiene , use a nail brush (commercially available), soap and a bowl of water. If you have brittle nails , opt for a Marseille soap rich in glycerin.

Put the soap in the bowl of water, then microwave for two minutes. Then let your fingers soak in the mixture for a good five minutes before dislodging the dirt present under the nails with the brush.

An operation to be repeated at least once a week. Tip: hot water softens the cuticles, take the opportunity to push them back with a boxwood stick.

The recipe for whitening your nails

Repeated layers of nail polish, tobacco, poor maintenance… can leave marks on your nails.

To get rid of small yellow spots or really yellow nails, go to the laundering step. There are ready-made solutions available for mixing with water.

But you can very well create your own whitening bath.

For this, you will need: the juice of half a lemon, a tablespoon of baking soda and a bowl of lukewarm water.

Mix all the ingredients, and soak your fingers for three minutes in the bowl.

Tips to keep nails white

To have beautiful white nails , here are six proven solutions:

Avoid dark polish

In any case, avoid applying your red, burgundy or any other dark colors directly to your nail.

These may leave a thin layer of color, which will dull your nail and necessarily make it less white.

For this, you can apply a protective base, which will preserve your nail.

Use lemon

Adopt the lemon reflex in the bath as explained above, or by rubbing it directly on the nail.

The lemon juice helps to clean the first layer of the nail, to eliminate impurities but also to make them shine and whiten them.

Once or twice a week, do not hesitate to apply it to the entire surface of your nails.

Use white vinegar

If you don’t have lemon juice, white vinegar is also great for whitening your nails.

You can apply it with a cotton ball or take a light bath of white vinegar, leaving your nails to soak for a few moments.

It is a quick and effective solution, perfect to sublimate your nails in an instant!

Use baking soda

Likewise, baking soda is easy to find and can go well for whitening your nails.

A little of this magic powder on an old toothbrush helps to clean and whiten the nail.

Test whitening powders

If you are in a hurry, you will find whitening powders on the market to mix with water, as well as whitening bases to apply like a nail polish.

Some can also be used under varnishes, whether colored or not, as a protective base.


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