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How to Have a Successful Manicure?

A successful manicure is not an impossible task! You need to follow a few essential steps.

Step 1: pamper our nails.

Beforehand, take care to remove your old varnish with a mild nail polish remover. Then apply moisturizer to the hands and nails.

Not only will your hands be hydrated, but it will also strengthen your nails. You can also use argan or sweet almond oil, which have remarkable moisturizing and softening properties.

Then file your nails from the edges to the center.

Depending on your preferences, you can give them a rounded or square shape. It is better to file them rather than cut them because the nail clipper damages the nails, splitting.

For an impeccable manicure, soften the cuticles by immersing your fingers in a bowl of lukewarm water. You have added sweet almond oil or use a unique moisturizing balm for the nails.

There are also anti-cuticle pens. After this application, gently push back the cuticles. You can use a small boxwood stick for this operation.

Finally, smooth with a polisher so that the surface of the nail is clean. It will facilitate the application of the varnish.

Step 2: Apply the varnish.

Apply a moisturizing, hardening or classic base, which will allow you to hold the polish longer.

After choosing your nail polish, please start with the center of the nail then the sides, not forgetting to leave a space between the edge of the nail and the skin: this lengthens the nails and gives them an excellent shape.

Repeat the technique for applying the two coats of varnish.

Finish your manicure by applying a “topcoat” (transparent varnish), which will highlight your color’s brilliance and guarantee better hold. Your finish will be perfect!

Step 3: polish and catch the burrs

No one is safe from a failed act while their varnish dries! If, unfortunately, your finger hits something, quickly get the polish you used to finalize your manicure and apply a thin layer.

Your error will neither be seen nor known! And if after applying the varnish you notice that there have been a few smudges, use a varnish correcting pen, a boxwood stick or a cotton swab soaked in solvent.

At the slightest deviation, react immediately to avoid damage before the varnish dries.

If you have time to spare, wait until your nail polish is completely dry and run your hand under lukewarm water. Gently rub the small burrs, and there!

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