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How to make a perfect French gel manicure at home?

It’s not because it is French, but we can’t deny that the French gel manicure is the most elegant!

I don’t think you will contradict me!

The French gel manicure is a great classic that all beauticians around the world know how to do. And if I’m not mistaken, this is even the most requested manicure.

Although all women try to be original with their nails, changing the design, texture, or color, the French gel manicure is the art we all rely on.

After all, it’s ideal for any occasion: work, a romantic evening, a wedding, or everyday life. By choosing the French gel manicure, you cannot go wrong.

It was created around the 1920s, and the French manicure consists of having white tips on a light pink or transparent nail polish. It’s made the gel version with the advent of this art.

As the soft tip can seem challenging to achieve, it is usually left to a nail salon. But why not try improving your DIY French gel manicure at home?

Nails are a reflection of the way you take care of yourself.

Have you ever looked at the fingernails of the person you just met?

Of course! You are far from the only one, don’t worry. We all know that our hands prove the care we take in our hygiene.

When you see someone with dirty fingernails, you immediately think that they are not taking enough care of their hygiene.

Automatically, in your head, you categorize that person as dirty.

I know… I know… Judging others by their appearance is not good! But let’s be honest for a minute. It is almost a natural thought.

When you take care of your fingernails and hands, in general, you don’t just pay attention to your hygiene. You are working on the first image you send back to people who meet you for the first time or your loved ones.

Also, isn’t taking care of your nails a form of therapy? Personally, when I do my French gel manicure, I relax.

I forget everything that is going on around me, and I enjoy taking care of it!

Here is a detailed explanation that will allow you to get a perfect homemade French gel manicure. You will make people envious and, above all, savings.

Once you have learned to master the original style, you will be more confident of getting creative and try to mix colors and finishes.

Here it is how to do french gel nails at home step by step

1. Nail cleaning

French Gel Manicure Nail Cleaning
French Gel Manicure Nail Cleaning

A classic French gel manicure should look clean, so it’s not just about the white painted line, but a well-groomed nail as well.

Wash your hands with a mild cleansing soap (especially if you have dry skin) and remove old nail polish with a non-acetone remover.

Try not to irritate the cuticles and, above all, do not tear off the pieces of skin. If necessary, use an orangewood stick, the end of which is covered with cotton and dipped in edge remover.

2. Choice of nail shape

French Gel Manicure shape your nails
French Gel Manicure shape your nails

While the French gel manicure can work well with all types of nail plates and nail shapes/lengths, I think the medium almond or short square shape looks best for nail tips.

You have to be careful that they don’t have any broken edges so that your line is symmetrical. So cut your nails and gently file them to get the shape you want.

Be careful during this step (especially if you are not used to it). It is because all of your nails should be the same shape. Otherwise, your manicure will look sloppy.

3. Polishing the nails

French Gel Manicure polish your nails
French Gel Manicure polish your nails

I know a lot of beauticians and women skip nail polishing. They don’t think it changes the result, but it is wrong!

My little secret for a successful French gel manicure is as follows: lightly polished nails help the polish to hold better. And yes!

The key to a good polish is to use a high grain pad with a light feel and focus on the cuticle area.

4. Hydration of hands and cuticles

Hydration of hands and cuticles
Hydration of hands and cuticles

It is my favorite step: hydration! Be sure to soak your cuticles in oil before pushing them back. After making them about, exfoliate your hands with a body scrub, then apply hand cream.

For my part, I massage my hands for a long time, and I take special care of the nails. Before preparing for the base coat, dehydrate the nail plate with alcohol or nail polish remover to remove all traces of cream.

This step is essential for an excellent French gel manicure.

5. Application of the base

Application of the base french gel manicure
Application of the base

And we finally arrived at the application of the first layer of the French manicure gel. To do this, you will need two shades of color; one for the nail itself and the other for the tip of the nail.

Of course, you can play with the colors. But as I said in the introduction of this article, to keep it classy and classic, choose white nail polish and transparent (or light pink) nail polish.

Applying a base will allow you to obtain maximum adhesion. It also prevents the nails from staining or turning yellow.

Moreover, the base coat allows your French gel manicure to last longer!

6. Paint the tip of the nail

Paint the tip of the nail french gel manicure image
Paint the tip of the nail french gel manicure image

The tip of the white nail is what characterizes a French gel manicure.

A straight or curved white stripe is up to you and the shape of your nail, but if you want your nails to look longer, let the polish curl with your natural nail.

Using a thin brush, start from the growing points and draw a line in the shape of a “smile” towards the free edge of the left side and the right side.

Then put them together and draw a line in the shape of a “smile” on the free edge. To get a beautiful line in just one coat, go for a contrasting white color.

7. Adding a sheer pink tint

Adding a sheer pink tint french gel manicure
Adding a sheer pink tint french gel manicure

Finish your manicure with a sheer pink shade. It is the manicurist-approved method to make your nails look much more natural.

A transparent pink helps to hide imperfections or yellowing of the nails. Finish your manicure with a translucent pink shade before applying a topcoat.

8. Application of a thin layer of finishing varnish

Application of a thin layer of finishing varnish
Application of a thin layer of finishing varnish

After cleaning up the traces of varnish using a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover, you need to make this art last as long as possible.

To seal and fix your French gel manicure at home, finally finish with a thin layer of a shiny topcoat.

Gel nails or gel polish for your French gel manicure? 

gel polish for your French gel manicure
gel polish for your French gel manicure

Long and gorgeous nails, perfectly formed with color that lasts – we all dream of it!

Gel nails are made using – you guessed it – gel, which is applied to the nail bed and then cured using a UV lamp.

Gel nails are enhancements used to make the nails stronger or more prolonged. They’re challenging but just soft enough to withstand an accidental bump against your desk without breaking your fingernail.

The finish is shinier than regular nail polish, so they shine on the job or while you dance the night away!

Your French gel manicure is dry immediately, reducing the risk of it getting dirty. Finally, gel manicures can be the perfect option to enhance your nails if you are allergic to acrylic.

If you are new to gel nails, know that gel nails and gel polish are two different things: gel nails enhance strengthening or lengthening your nails, while gel polish is a type. Colored polish that lasts longer than standard nail polish and needs to be cured under UV light.

These two options allow you to achieve beautiful and long-lasting nails. The best way to make up your mind, then, is to talk to your friends. What have they used, and are they satisfied?

For a perfect French gel manicure, there is no secret. You have to train!

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