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How To Remove Acrylic From Your Nails At Home

Removing acrylic from our nails is easier than you think. All you need to do is arm yourself with a few technical tools, and a little patience and you’re done!

Step 1: cut off the excess!

The first step is to remove most of the length. During this step, make sure not to cut your real nail .

The best way to trim nails is to use a nail clipper.

Start cutting on one side then make small cuts all the way to the other side towards the other.

Then, take two nail files , a rough one to remove the acrylic present on the nail and a softer one to file your natural nail without damaging it.

File gently until the shine of the nail disappears. Be patient, it may take a little while.

Be careful not to file excessively, as this can weaken the nail .

Step 2: apply acetone

For this step, dip a cotton ball in acetone and place it on top of your nail, then take a piece of foil and wrap it around your nail, making sure to fold the tip over to seal the cotton ball.

After 30 minutes, if enough acrylic has dissolved, you can gently buff off the excess with the soft nail file.

If there is any product left that cannot be polished, soak for an additional five minutes and try again.

As soon as the 5 more minutes have passed, remove the cotton ball and apply a vegetable oil good for the nails such as castor oil or olive oil .

The acetone and acrylic can weaken the natural nail over time, why add oil to strengthen your natural nails to your beauty routine and a great idea.

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