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How to stop biting your nails
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How to stop biting your nails? Nail biting causes, tips and more

Onychophagia refers to the act of biting the nails. When properly established, this bad habit is often difficult to eliminate and become nail biting addiction. Have you made up your mind to quit? Follow our advice to find beautiful hands.

The nail biting is to say, the act of biting nails, can quickly turn into a nightmare. By dint of nibbling his nails, we damage his hands.

Why do we bite our nails?

To overcome this mania, it is still necessary to understand the causes. The urge to bite your nails occurs mainly in situations of stress or apprehension. Boredom can also be a trigger. By this gesture, one seeks to alleviate the anguish and the nervous tension. On a daily basis, we try to identify when we feel this need. This awareness could be a first step.

Methods and tips to stop biting your nails

There are many ways to stop biting your nails. If onychophagia is indeed stress related, we can start by including some relaxation exercises in our daily routine.

Sports can also be a great way to relax. When the urge to nibble our nails is felt, we try to replace it with another less harmful gesture such as chewing gum.

Bitten nails are unsightly. To dissuade us, there are specific varnishes with a bitter taste. This simple method can be of great help. In addition, we can soak our fingers in sweet almond oil . A 100% natural repellent.

Bitten nails : how to take care of them?

Having beautiful nails makes you want to keep them intact. The more they are mistreated, the more they risk weakening and splitting apart. To find beautiful hands, we challenge ourselves: one day, two days, a week … We take our time to quit permanently. Or even, we treat ourselves to a pretty manicure .

Taking care of our hands will help to appreciate them better. The jojoba oil or castor oil will be perfect to regenerate the nails and make them stronger. Repairing and strengthening varnishes will also be of great help.

The beauty routine for bitten nails

For healthy nails, we pamper our hands. For this, you can scrub once a week to remove dead skin. We gently massage our nails and apply a hand cream daily .

Another very simple tip: soak your nails in lemon juice, known for its whitening power.

Willpower and a pleasant beauty routine will be enough to save our nails for good. And if the problem persists, we do not hesitate to consult a specialist who can assist us in our process.

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