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Treat your eyes to age less quickly
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Treat your eyes to age less quickly

Our eyes are one of the greatest treasures we have, but they are also particularly fragile. In addition, they reflect our health and often our age! However, there is good news: A few simple things you can do will allow you to take care of it the way it deserves.

Which products to use?

For treating the eyes and their contour, it is generally considered necessary to hydrate them well with cream from 30 or even 25 years.

Even if you do not yet distinguish the effects of time on your face, it is preferable to start treating them “as a preventive measure.” The changes are crow’s feet and other minor discomforts (such as redness, loss of skin elasticity, etc.)

Choose a cream or gel designed especially for the eyes, lighter than day and night creams, and which is better suited to this delicate area: less oily, the care is chosen will be better absorbed by the epidermis, will not clog. Pores and will perfectly hydrate your eyes and their contour.

How to apply it?

Apply the cream (or gel) morning and evening to a perfectly cleansed face. It would be best if you never rubbed, but rather make it penetrate delicately by gently tapping the eye area with a finger.

It is done by going from the inner corner of the eye to the outside to stimulate blood circulation. Some specialists recommend using the ring finger because since this finger is the least “strong,” one ensures that it will do it smoothly. You choose!

We take care to keep the eyes closed when applying the treatment, not to let it penetrate directly into the eye, which could create irritation.

Daily actions …

For beautiful eyes, there is much more to do than hydrate them … Here is a small non-exhaustive list of actions that will revive the radiance of your pupils:

  • We remove makeup daily, gently, with a product specially designed for this purpose.
  • We spray our eyes every morning with very cool water. It is possible to buy thermal water in pharmacies, but a vaporizer filled with mineral water and kept in the refrigerator will do the trick.
  • We sleep enough … And we preferably choose pillows that do not raise the head too high, which allows better blood circulation and prevents the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes.
  • We wear sunglasses, summer, and winter, as soon as the light makes us squint.
  • Rather than rubbing the eyes, we do not hesitate to use eye drops (medicinal drops) to hydrate them when they sound dry and cause itching.
  • We take regular breaks, even if only for 2-3 minutes when we sit for long hours in front of a computer. Blink your eyes, rotate them in their sockets a few times (closing the eyelids): these little gestures de-stress the optic nerves.
  • Very dry and overheated atmospheres are avoided. If necessary, place an air humidifier in the bedroom.
  • Finally, we eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, and legumes: the vitamins contained in these foods (as well as other substances) promote a healthy look … Don’t we say that carrots give beautiful eyes? It seems that blueberries are particularly beneficial. Enjoy it!

Natural remedies for minor ailments

You can do many tiny, easy things with products available at home to relieve certain discomforts. For example :

  • Apply, with a well-cleaned mascara brush, a little castor oil on your eyelashes and eyebrows: this strengthens them, in addition to refreshing the eyes.
  • Mix the cucumber pulp in a blender with a few drops of rose water, drain in gauze, and place for ten minutes on your eyelids to reduce swollen eyes.
  • Against dark circles, apply thin slices of raw potato to your eyes.
  • For avoiding puffiness, it is essential to drink plenty of water every day. You can also wipe your eyes with an ice cube when you wake up or relax for a few minutes with chilled chamomile bags.
  • Regularly massage your eyes when they are sensitive, always following the direction of blood flow (inside to outside).
  • Spray your eyes with water, alternating hot and cold, for 2-3 minutes. Always finish with cold water. This trick is particularly effective for quickly eliminating traces of crying (yes, we are too sensitive, women …)
  • Try to sleep in complete darkness. It helps your eyes to relax perfectly.

To avoid

Of course, there are a few things you shouldn’t do …

  • In general, you should never sleep with makeup on.
  • It is also not recommended to use ordinary soap, stretch your eyelids when washing or removing makeup.
  • Do not expose your eyes to too bright lights (or put on glasses).
  • Avoid watching TV for long periods in complete darkness. It is best to leave a small light source on; otherwise, the eyes will “strain” too much and squint.
  • Finally, tobacco is particularly harmful since smoke and all the chemicals it contains are sent directly to the eyes.

To finish

If you do all of these little things regularly, your eyes will look bright and healthy. Of course, it’s impossible to negate the effects of time altogether, but don’t you find that wrinkles caused by smiles and good humor make any face look charming? So, it is better to be cheerful and laugh a lot, because even your fine lines will add to your charm …

Image Credits: Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău on Unsplash

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