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12 High Protein Foods To Eat When You’re A Vegetarian

The sunny days are back, and so are the great spring foods . When you have chosen to adopt a vegetarian diet , it is more important than ever to pay attention to your diet.

Giving up meat also means reducing certain intakes necessary for our health. Do n’t panic, even if they are found in smaller quantities, proteins are not exclusive to meat.

Therefore, we can find our daily intake very well in other small foods. Here are the ones that you will love to consume to avoid deficiencies.

These foods to include in our routine

According to health professionals, the required amount of protein per day is 0.83g per kilogram of weight, that is to say 50g of protein per day for a person weighing around 60 kilos.

Proteins allow our body to refuel energy , but also to develop our muscles. They are also our allies when trying to lose weight , because they promote the elimination of fat .

Clearly, they are essential to our well-being. So as not to run out of protein when you’re a vegetarian, soy is our best friend. Ultra rich in protein, it helps to avoid deficiencies.

It is found in derivatives, such as tempeh, a cousin of tofu.

Also not to be overlooked: wheat.

It is an excellent source of protein, and it is found in derivatives such as seitan which is the best substitute for meat.

Add to that, a good dose of vegetables such as broccoli and spinach , pulses like chickpeas and beans, and here is a nice vegetarian plate.

If vegetarianism does not mean veganism, to fill up on animal proteins without meat, we will favor the consumption of eggs and dairy products.

We FINALLY have a good excuse to overdose on our favorite cheese.


Besides being high in protein, lentils also contain a lot of minerals like iron and magnesium. Lentils are the allies of vegetarians.


Ultra rich in protein, chickpeas are not to be overlooked in our small vegetarian dishes.


A 100 gram serving of quinoa contains approximately 13 grams of protein. This food from South America is also gluten-free, enough to find a place for it in our small seasonal dishes.

The seitan

Made from wheat, seitan is the best protein substitute for meat. With a content of 75g per 100g, it is the must of the vegetarian diet.

Dry beans

Dried beans are not to be overlooked on a vegetarian plate, rich in vegetable amino acids (23 grams of protein per 100 grams), fiber and good carbohydrates, they provide us with everything we need to avoid deficiencies.


Less known than tofu, tempeh is also a derivative of soy, a good food to fill up on protein.


Wheat contains around 13g of protein per 100g, so it is welcome in your everyday meals.


If you are a vegetarian and not a vegan, eggs are your allies for filling up on animal protein. For 2 eggs, there is about 16g of protein.


If vegetables are not the richest in protein, their contributions are not negligible.

Spinach, for example, in addition to providing a small amount of protein, provides us with amino acids that support the proper functioning of the body.


Besides being high in protein, broccoli is high in vitamin C, iron, zinc, copper, and manganese.


yogurt, milk or even cheese are excellent alternatives to fill up with protein.

The lawyers

Ultra rich in protein, avocados have their place in our vegetarian diet. And to eat well without damaging our beautiful planet, we rely on European products.

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