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Here Are The Foods Potentially Harmful To Our Health According To Nutritionists And How To Consume Them Properly

Did you know ? Sometimes bad cooking is enough for a basic food to become a real poison for our health. And yes, when cooking, it is important to know your food well to avoid putting yourself in danger. We reassure you, whether you prefer your pasta al-dente , or more cooked, it will not cause harm to your body.

However, if you eat the wrong part of a fish, it could be a problem. Nutrition professionals give us all the secrets to properly consuming foods that can be harmful to our health.

Unhealthy foods: these tips for eating them well

Nutritionists are categorical on this subject, poor preparation of certain foods can have serious consequences on our health . We tend to think that fruits are our allies and that they don’t mean harm to us, and yet.

Some of them, such as elderberries, rhubarb or even aki, deserve special attention when it comes to the way they are consumed. Against all expectations, certain foods common in our daily lives can also be harmful if ever they are consumed excessively.

And yes, it is important not to drink too much water and not to exceed the amount recommended by doctors, at the risk of disrupt the electrolyte in our brain. The same goes for nutmeg , for example, if consumed excessively, can have serious consequences on our health.

Don’t panic, not all foods are dangerous and can be eaten without fear (yes we are talking about your favorite chocolate mousse here ). However, it is important to learn about what you eat so as not to put yourself in danger.

Fruit stones

fruits stone

When you eat a stone fruit, be sure to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Rich in cyanogen, an acid toxic to the body, the nucleus, even barely sucking, can endanger our life.

The water


Didn’t you expect? We neither. Water, if consumed excessively, can have disastrous consequences on our health. If you drink too much water daily, you risk “hydraulic intoxication”.

This water poisoning disrupts the electrolyte in your brain, which can lead to death in the most serious cases. We trust the professionals and we stick to 1.5L per day.

Rhubarb leaves

Rhubarb leaves

If you are fond of rhubarb, be careful not to indulge in over-indulgence and consume its leaves. The leaves are filled with toxins that can cause breathing problems, seizures, and even coma. The red rod does not contain oxalic acid, which is very harmful to health.


akee fruit

Native to Jamaica, aki or akee cannot be eaten fresh and barely picked like other fruits. Rich in hypoglycine, a formidable poison for health, which causes a coma in the most serious of cases, aki must open on its own before being consumed.

The mushrooms


This is not new, not all mushrooms are risk free like those you buy in supermarkets. Not all mushrooms are edible and picking them in the forest without knowing it can be dangerous for your health. Indeed, some of them cause food poisoning and digestive disorders.



If there are two types of elderberries, it is the elderberry which is absolutely never eaten. Although black elderberry should not be banned, it is however important not to consume it raw as its berries can induce vomiting.

The fugu

fugu fish

Widely consumed in Japan, fugu, or “puffer fish” is appreciated for its sweet taste. Be careful though, not all parts of this fish are edible. His liver and ovaries should absolutely not be eaten because they contain a poison harmful to health, neutoxin, which can cause paralysis of the muscles or even respiratory arrest.

The Nutmeg


If we love to use this spice to give flavor to our dishes, it should not be overused. Nutmeg can cause hallucinations, nausea, palpitations and even cardiac arrest in some cases.

The manioc


This root, recognized for its interesting virtues for the popular organism in Africa, South America or even Southeast Asia, should not be prepared lightly. Indeed, if the cassava contains cyanide which is neutralized only after a long cooking. To consume it well, it is recommended to soak it in water, dry it, then cook it well.

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