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Iron Deficiency

Iron Deficiency: How To Detect It And Fight Against Fatigue?

To leave the winter in full health, nothing better than to avoid an iron deficiency. Between the foods to favor and those to limit, we give you the tips to not run out of iron.

With the sunny days of the past few days, we almost forgot that we were still in winter , and yet. To enter the spring season in great shape, it is important to avoid iron deficiencies.

In the event of the onset of fatigue and lack of energy, it is essential to review your eating habits and include foods rich in iron that will do us the greatest good. On the other hand, certain foods will have to be limited in our routine the time to restore health.

Why shouldn’t you run out of iron?

Iron is an essential mineral for our body. It helps to make red blood cells and contributes to the transport of oxygen by hemoglobin. A woman’s need for iron varies and is greatest before menopause because it is increased during menstruation, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

If our body lacks iron, we risk anemia , a major health problem, since this deficiency can cause lasting fatigue . In these difficult times, there is nothing worse than long and intense fatigue to negatively affect our morale.

Not lacking in iron is essential to fight against fatigue, but also against hair loss , dull complexion and irritability. Clearly, to be dapper and perky at the onset of spring, it is in your best interest to stock up on iron.

Where to find iron?

Although not very glamorous, the richest source of iron is undoubtedly pork liver with its content of 128 mg of iron per 100 grams.

Fortunately, it is not the only source of iron to favor for refueling . Large doses of iron are found in animal and plant proteins .

To never run out of iron, it is advisable to favor pulses and legumes in our eating routine. And if certain foods are our allies to avoid iron deficiencies and fight against fatigue, others should be limited.

Indeed, dairy products, coffee and tea decrease iron assimilation, so we have to think about reducing our consumption.

And in the event of the onset of fatigue, it is also possible to take food supplements rich in iron, which are found in pharmacies and supermarkets.

If you feel really tired, it is strongly recommended to seek the advice of your doctor to have a treatment that perfectly meets our needs.

Eat fish or seafood

If you are not fond of meat, fish and seafood are your allies so that you do not lack iron. Favor mussels, oysters, clams and fish in general to increase your iron level naturally.

Eat vegetables

To be in good health and avoid periods of fatigue, vegetables are your allies. Spinach, for example, is very high in iron and consuming it regularly will prevent iron deficiency.

Consume pulses

Pulses and legumes are known to be a significant source of iron. So we do not hesitate to make good little dishes based on lentils, white soy beans, or even chickpeas.

Consume red meat

Red meat such as black pudding, liver, lamb or braised beef for example, are extremely rich in iron. Consuming it regularly will allow you to regain your energy.

Consume food spirulina

Spirulina is recognized for its iron intake. To consume it naturally, choose tofu or micro-algae.

Consume eggs

In addition to being a good source of protein, eggs also contain significant iron levels.

Consume whole grains

Whole grains are our allies to avoid the lack of iron. To fight against fatigue, choose foods such as brown rice, wholegrain bread for breakfast, or even wheat.

Food supplements

In case of fatigue, you can also opt for dietary supplements rich in iron. Sold in supermarkets or in pharmacies, they will help you recharge your batteries. Always ask your doctor for advice before embarking on a cure.

Limit your consumption of coffee, tea, and dairy products

If there are foods to favor so as not to lack iron, there are also some to limit. Dairy products, coffee and tea decrease the absorption of iron. In case of fatigue, it is important to reduce your consumption of these products.

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