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Lemon Balm Essential Oil

Lemon Balm Essential Oil: The Benefits Of This Precious Oil To Start The Year Re-boosted

Rare but miraculous, the essential oil of lemon balm comes to wake up our daily life for a nervous system to regulate, a quality sleep and to start the year by being re-boosted.

Not as well known as the essential oil of lavender or peppermint, lemon balm essential oil , remains a must in our quest for well-being .

A true ally in the fight against mood disorders, stress and anxiety, this essential oil is full of unsuspected properties that will definitely change our daily lives.

Lemon balm essential oil: what is it?

Of Mediterranean origin, lemon balm comes from a perennial herbaceous plant, from the lamiaceae family.

Also nicknamed “tea from France”, lemon balm has a lemony scent that often leads to confuse it with lemongrass .

Its oval leaves have deep veins similar to those of mint. Produced in small quantities, lemon balm essential oil is extremely expensive and rare, which earned it its status as a precious oil .

What are the benefits of lemon balm essential oil?

Lemon balm essential oil is mainly recognized for its calming and relaxing properties thanks to its content of terpene aldehydes and sesquiterpenes, these active ingredients reduce states of anxiety and promote sleep.

To be taken before bedtime to fight against insomnia, or to apply a few drops while massaging, lemon balm helps re-balance the nervous system.

This oil is ideal in case of overwork, concentration problem, stress or strong emotions having an impact on your mood.

After the year that we have just passed, it could be that it is our remedy for us to recover.

Antispasmodic , the essential oil of lemon balm helps calm digestive spasms , promotes the functioning of the stomach and the expulsion of intestinal gas.

This oil is therefore our best ally to start 2021 by not suffering the consequences of our little excesses during the holidays.

Thanks to its calming virtues , the essential oil helps fight against insomnia when it is consumed a few hours before bedtime.

Above all, we love it for its re-boosting properties which we really need to recover from New Year’s Eve.

This oil helps fight general fatigue over the long term, enough to start the year in better shape than ever.

It is important to remember that essential oils are to be used with caution and to read the contraindications they may present.

Virtues of lemon balm

Recognized for its digestive and relaxing virtues, lemon balm is an ingredient not to be neglected to boost the body and fight against mild mood disorders.

Regulates the nervous system

Lemon balm essential oil is recognized as a calming oil. It helps regulate the nervous system and soothe mood disorders related to stress, anxiety or temporary depression.

To do this, dilute 1 drop of EO of Lemon Balm in 9 drops of vegetable oil (lavender) and perform a calming massage focusing on the spine, the solar plexus, inside the wrists or the arch of the foot.

She helps sleep

Thanks to its calming effects, lemon balm essential oil helps people with insomnia or sleep disorders.

To benefit from its virtues, dilute lemon balm EO with vegetable oil and massage along the spine and on the plexus or place a drop on a neutral tablet.

Fight against general fatigue

In addition to effectively fighting insomnia, this oil helps boost its shape on a daily basis.

To do this, place 1 drop of Lemon Balm Oil on a neutral tablet to let melt in the mouth before going to sleep.

Digestive comfort

The antispasmodic and analgesic properties of lemon balm essential oil help fight against indigestion, stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting.

To enjoy its virtues, dilute it with a vegetable oil and massage your stomach.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is the main partner of lemon balm to fight against insomnia, but also to fight against mood disorders and stress.

Recognized for its calming effects on the nervous system and muscle relaxants, lavender oil combines perfectly with lemon balm oil for optimal results.

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