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The Benefits Of Honey: Here’s How To Use This Natural Beauty Ally

Miracle tip, in addition to being ultra greedy and having virtues good for our health, honey is also a beauty ally.

Discover the benefits of this ingredient for our skin but also our hair!

Essential in our kitchen, honey is now also invited in our bathroom . If we like to add a spoonful of this delicious ingredient in our tea or in our cakes , we will love to introduce it into our beauty routine .

Indeed, honey turns out to be a great ally to take care of your skin , but also of your hair. Its benefits will definitely change our daily life , and even our life (no, we do not abuse).

What are the benefits of honey on our skin?

Formerly called ” nectar of the gods “, honey is an ingredient that should not be overlooked for healthy skin . Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants , it is a great ally that we often find in our cosmetics today. Rich in vitamin B and vitamin C , minerals, trace elements, and amino acids, it allows the regeneration of the epidermis .

The enzymes in honey produce hydrogen peroxide which allows the skin to heal faster . Honey is also a real anti-aging active thanks to its fatty acid content which gives it a protective role . For our greatest happiness, honey is the beauty ally of all skin types and will satisfy dry and irritated ones more .

How to use honey to have beautiful skin?

1. Honey is used perfectly as a mask to fight against impurities and unwanted little guests on our face. For this, once a week:

2. Mix a teaspoon of pure honey with a tablespoon of olive oil and an egg yolk

3. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes

4. Rinse with hot water

5. Result? A fresh and luminous complexion at will.

Soothes sunburns

Allied to aloevera, honey considerably soothes sunburns. It will hydrate your damaged skin and its anti-inflammatory properties will combine with those of aloevera for epidermal regeneration.

Hair care

In addition to being good for our skin, honey has benefits for our hair. Using it as a hair mask is a miracle treatment for dry and damaged hair that has lost its shine.

The ally for beautiful skin

Anti-aging, moisturizing but also anti-oxidant, honey is a major protector against UV rays and pollution. Honey perfectly retains moisture for the freshest skin.

Acts against acne

By absorbing the impurities contained in our pores, honey is a real cleansing care. It helps fight acne, the result of excess sebum clogging our pores.

Hair lightener

Have you always dreamed of lightening your hair without going through bleaching? Thanks to honey it is quite possible. Its sugary enzymes generate hydrogen peroxide, an element known for its lightening properties.

Accelerates healing

Thanks to its acidic pH, its content of inhibinous and defensive proteins, honey has an antibacterial role. In addition, its richness in vitamin B and vitamin C, minerals, trace elements, and amino acids, it allows cell regeneration. Honey is a natural and ultra effective healing agent.


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