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Growing Hair, Fighting Acne: Here Are All The Benefits Of Cooking Water For Your Rice!

When cooking a rice dish, the cooking water usually ends up in the siphon of our sink. However, this beverage has its place in our kitchen…

Even in our medicine cabinet. A true elixir of youth of immunity, it can be consumed without problem every day, and solves many everyday ailments!

Flu, acne, indigestion, here are all the reasons why you will never throw away the cooking water of your rice again.

Grow hair, boost immunity, fight acne: all the unsuspected benefits of rice water

Where cooking water has already proven its worth is in the hair sector. Used as a spray on the roots once or twice a day , it considerably accelerates the growth of our hair .

But it can also be used as a rinse water , much like apple cider vinegar .

To do this, nothing could be simpler: after washing and wringing our hair, we immerse them in rice water.

Then, after wringing them out one last time, we roll them up in an old t-shirt. Result: soft and shiny hair… Naturally!

It makes hair grow faster

Tested and approved by the editor, rice water is the essential tip for those who want to grow their hair faster.

Simply pour 250ml of your water into a clean diffuser, and add two drops of natural preservative (like grapefruit seed extract).

Spray on your scalp once or twice a day, then brush your hair. Guaranteed results!

It helps to digest better

It may not seem like a big deal, but there’s nothing like a glass of cooking water a day to help digestion!

Indeed, rice protects the intestinal flora and even helps to attenuate episodes of diarrhea or temporary constipation.

It promotes the production of breast milk

Thanks to its multitude of vitamins and minerals, rice water is the perfect drink for breastfeeding women.

At the rate of two glasses a day, its regular consumption stimulates the production of breast milk.

It boosts the immune system

If you have a fever and / or the flu, rice water is your ally!

As soon as the first symptoms appear, it will accelerate the healing process by filling our lack of essential nutrients.

In addition, its high concentration of carbohydrates considerably increases energy!

It fights effectively against skin problems

How to get beautiful skin after 40

In the event of painful acne or eczema, rice water has a “dressing” effect. It effectively relieves itching and other imperfections.

Using a small cotton or cotton swab, we soak the area (clean and dry) before going to bed: but be careful, it will not have the effect of healing, but of appease.

It prevents premature aging of the skin

Organic Beauty

Applied daily to the face, rice water helps slow skin aging! Indeed, used in lotion, it allows to hydrate the epidermis in depth …

But that’s not all; it is also a natural anti-uv lotion (although it does not replace the use of a good sunscreen).

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