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The Benefits of Dry Oil for the Skin

The oil dries up trend and invites gradually in the kits of cosmetics. Everyone appreciates it for its virtues as well as for its aesthetics. More moisturizing than a traditional oil, it leaves the skin natural without the greasy effect. It is multifunctional and can be used on the body as well as on the hair. This article deals mainly with the famous virtues and the use of dry oil in skin care .

But what exactly is dry oil?

Hearing the term “dry oil” sometimes creates confusion. Indeed, scientifically and technically, oil is a fat, and therefore not dry. Indeed, we generally associate oil with a greasy, sticky and sticky texture. Visually, the dry oil looks like regular oil. The difference is especially noticeable during the application, because the absorption capacity of the dry oil is fast. In addition, it is non-greasy to the touch. It is a vegetable and natural type oil (without transformation). It has nourishing, moisturizing and softening properties on the skin.

There are two kinds of dry oils sold on the market for use in cosmetics. There are pure and natural dry vegetable oils which are each made from a plant. And there is the mixture of several organic oils, it can, at the same time, be composed of vegetable oils and essential oils. Thus, the dry oil mix is ​​called a multifunction oil since it has several properties.

The benefits of a dry oil in skin care

Let’s zoom in on the virtues of this famous non-greasy oil . In skin care, it has several beneficial properties for the skin:

Moisturizes the skin

Dry oil is suitable for all skin types, whether oily, dry, combination or problematic. Your choice of oil should only be ingredients suited to your purpose. On the other hand, on the hydration side, it is irreproachable. Even if it does not leave fat on the outside, it provides necessary hydration inside the skin. Moreover, it is highly recommended for dry and very dry skin.

Nourishes the skin deeply

The dry oil is easily absorbed by the layers of the skin and helps keep it healthy. Each nutrient and each active ingredient thus penetrates quickly and without obstacle to stimulate the skin cells. It thus helps cell renewal, immune stimulation and skin beautification. It can be used on all types of problem skin.

Protects the skin from external aggressions

Even though the oil layer on the skin is invisible, it is excellent as a protection. Indeed, it serves as sun protection and can protect you from ultraviolet rays. Compared to regular sunscreen which must be renewed, it is applied only once.

Dry oil does more than protect you from the sun. It protects your skin from the effects of aging and from different bacteria and parasites. It protects the skin from frequent problems: acne , blackheads, yeast infection, dehydration, wrinkles, stretch marks …

Embellishment assured

The dry oil is impeccable in terms of aesthetics. Indeed, it allows to smooth and soften the skin . It reduces scars and then helps to beautify the skin. If you want to get rid of imperfections on your face, you can perfectly use it as a treatment. You will see that your skin will be free from blemishes.

The fact that it regulates the production of sebum prevents the greasy and sticky effect on your skin. Moreover, this makes it a good care for oily and combination skin.

List of dry oils used in cosmetics and their properties

You are spoiled for choice of dry oils in the vegetable oils section of your organic store. For skin care, here is a list that should grab your attention:

Dry vegetable oils

Babassu oil: anti-radical, anti-aging, protective, film-forming, revitalizing, moisturizing.

Baobab oil: emollient, softening, nourishing, regenerating, restorative, healing, soothing.

Camellia oil: fortifying, protective, toning.

Camelina oil: anti-inflammatory, circulatory and immune stimulant.

Safflower oil: emollient, antioxidant, nourishing, regenerating, softening, soothing, healing, antifungal, stimulating.

Hemp oil : nourishing, softening, regenerating, firming, revitalizing, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-desquamating.

Coconut oil : nourishing, regenerating, sublimating, antibacterial, antimicrobial.

Cottonseed oil : softening, emollient, revitalizing, softening, regenerating.

Desert date oil : emollient, regenerating, nourishing, softening, restorative, moisturizing.

Inca Inchi Oil : soothing, calming, softening, restructuring, protective, antioxidant, anti-aging.

Jojoba oil : nourishing, beautifying, moisturizing, softening, revitalizing, anti-wrinkle, sebum regulator.

Kukui oil : regenerating, restructuring, soothing, calming, replenishing, nourishing.

Macadamia oil : nourishing, softening, soothing, softening.

Neem oil : antibacterial, antiseptic, antiparasitic.

Black seed oil : moisturizing, nutritious, antioxidant, regenerating, anti-aging, antibacterial, antimicrobial, invigorating.

Hazelnut oil : nourishing, softening, penetrating, hydrating, revitalizing, purifying.

Brazil nut oil : hydrating, antioxidant, anti-aging, restorative, revitalizing, soothing.

Grape seed oil : regenerating, antioxidant, anti-aging skin.

Perilla oil: nourishing, restorative, softening.

Sesame oil : stimulating, antioxidant, nourishing, hydrating.

Yangu oil : regulating, mattifying, nourishing, balancing.

Dry oils mix

Cattier organic dry oil : nourishing, multi-use, prevents dryness of the skin, moisturizes and enhances. It is made from precious organic oils of argan, camellia, jojoba …

Sanoflore organic dry oil : moisturizing, nourishing, illuminating. It is made from essential oils of lavandin and fennel, and several other natural active ingredients.

Melvita organic dry oil : moisturizing, protective, repairing, soothing, softening. It is based on desert date oils, argan, kendi, buriti and Inca Inchi.

Natural dry oil with Corine de Farme monoi : anti-UV, satin, self-tanning, soothing, 100% natural. It is composed of Tahiti Monoi oil and several natural active ingredients.

Decléor natural dry oil : 100% natural, smoothing, nourishing, softening, sublimating. It is made from Frankincense essential oil and different vegetable oils.

Ho Karan natural dry oil : multifunction, sublimating, moisturizing, nourishing. It is based on organic hemp seed oils and vitamin E.

Madagas’Care dry oil : soothing, nourishing, softening, smoothing, moisturizing. It is based on ylang-ylang, kukui, sweet almond, tamanu and jojoba oils.

Uses of dry oil

Depending on the goal you are looking for and the dry oil you want, you can use it by:

Massage oil

  • Lotion, cream or serum for the face: to apply as a night or day care, to add to make-up remover or to add to the mask.
  • Base for essential oils for skin care
  • Nourishing care for the body: apply once or twice a day, add to the bath.
  • Youthful hand care
  • Repairing treatment

Comparison between fatty oil and dry oil

The use of both oils is recommended, although they each have their own characteristics. What sets them apart is their fatty acid content. But, they are both effective in hydrating, nourishing, repairing and protecting the skin.

Special features of fatty oil:

The fatty oil has a higher rate of omega 9. Which makes it an excellent antioxidant. Its penetrating capacity is low and makes it more effective in surface care. Instead of hydrating deeply, it rather helps maintain water and prevents dryness. After application, the fatty oil leaves a greasy and satiny layer on the skin. It is especially ideal in massage to facilitate sliding and pressure. In addition, the slow technique gives it time to gradually penetrate the skin.

Special features of dry oil:

The dry oil is mainly composed of unsaturated fatty acids, the omega 6 and 3 . They are effective in hydrating and slowing down the skin aging process. More fluid than fatty oil, it has a penetrating power. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves the slightest oily film. It allows to obtain a mat complexion without shine. By combining with an essential oil, you allow the latter to easily penetrate the skin. This allows the essential oil to treat more in depth for better results

Dry oil or fatty oil for dry skin?

Dry oil is made for problematic skin, like all skin types for that matter. Oily oil is only made for dehydrated or dry skin. And it is not recommended for combination and oily skin. But if you want a more satisfying and faster result, it is better to use dry oil. It quickly penetrates through the layers of the skin and therefore helps hydrate.

Watch out for modified vegetable oils

It is quite possible to transform fatty vegetable oil into modified dry oil. But, you have to go through a chemical process. And we must be careful, because the modified oils obtained by hydrogenation and esterification are harmful to the organism as to the environment. The chemical process can damage molecules and deteriorate the virtues of vegetable oil. Likewise, heating it (esterification) alters the vegetable oil and its properties. Avoid the use of these oils on your skin to minimize the risks.

Certified organic dry oil

The dried natural oil is extracted directly from the plant (seeds, fruits and nuts). The main active ingredients are preserved thanks to the ambient temperature used during the extraction. During the precedent, the use of the chemical product is banned. To be certified organic, dry oil must meet the specifications. It must respect the environment and be free from harmful ingredients. Once the specifications have been completed, the dry oil obtains certification from organic cosmetic labels. And it is therefore classified as a controlled cosmetics. To be sure that it is indeed an organic dry oil , remember to check the label on the bottle and check the logos.

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