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The Right Steps To Apply Jojoba Oil To The Face

SKIN CARE – As a moisturizer in the morning, as a makeup remover at the end of the day, as a night care … jojoba oil is a precious ally for all skin types, even the most problematic.

Use jojoba oil as a facial treatment at the start of the day. As it is low in fat, jojoba oil can be used in the morning instead of a moisturizer, even on problem skin. Yes, yes, even under your makeup!

You just need to know a few basic techniques. First of all, be absolutely careful not to use too much product: it is not necessary, because a very small amount is enough. Otherwise you would end up with a very unpleasant greasy film!

Just take two or three drops of the oil on your fingertips, which you will tap on the different areas of your face to apply the product. Then penetrate the oil with small tapping and light circular massages on your face. Avoid overpowering movements, and of course, work on perfectly clean skin.

How to use jojoba oil for makeup removal?

When used on the face, jojoba oil can be used not only as a treatment, but also as a makeup remover. Indeed, it takes off wonderfully all make-up, even the most resistant. Pour a few drops of oil in the palm of your hands, and make small circular massages on your still dry face.

Proceed in stages: start with makeup on the complexion and lips, finish with the eyes. To do this, gently run your fingers over your eyelids, and very gently massage your eyelashes.

Once all the makeup has been diluted in the oil, soak a towel in lukewarm water, and run it over your face to remove the excess oil: the makeup will come off with it. All you have to do is go to the cleaning step, like after any makeup remover. This technique has the advantage of being particularly gentle on the skin.

Jojoba oil: knowing how to apply it as an evening treatment

Finally, jojoba oil is an excellent treatment to apply before going to bed. Contrary to what a morning use implies, it is not necessary to limit yourself to two or three drops, because no product will be placed on top:

instead of a simple hydration to protect the skin from external aggressions and to properly hold makeup, we are rather trying to provide the epidermis with in-depth care. So do not hesitate to double or triple the amounts of oil compared to use in the morning to take full advantage of its benefits..

Lightly heat the oil between the palms of both hands, then begin a gentle massage of the entire face. Start with circular motions on the cheeks, then from the wings of the nose to the ears. Make small zigzags on the forehead and on any wrinkle-prone area to relax the skin and fill in the hollows. Finally, remember to go down to your neck and use any excess product to nourish your hands.

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