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foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal
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What foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal?

Care is essential after wisdom teeth removal. This will help to speed up the recovery and avoid any complications. It is important to follow all instructions given by your dentist. 

This is why not all foods or drinks recommend after this kind of intervention. Therefore, it is convenient to have a list of the best foods and drinks to choose from after removing a wisdom tooth.

A healthy diet and dental drops are important to speed up recovery from wisdom tooth removal and keep your gums and teeth strong. Not all foods and beverages recommend after this procedure. Below we have listed TOP 10 Foods to eat. 

It would help if you also remembered that discomfort following surgery could make eating certain foods difficult, mainly because of inflammation and pain.

There may be some bleeding, especially in the first hours following the intervention.

The complexity of the surgery and the number of teeth that extracts simultaneously will impact your diet.

These are some suggestions about the best foods after removing your wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth: What to eat after removal?

One of the biggest questions about this surgery is whether or not you are allowed to eat after your wisdom teeth have been removed. It is important to eat a healthy diet. However, this will reduce discomfort and speed up healing.

These are the general guidelines.

  • After a wisdom tooth removal, you can still eat. To avoid biting your tongue, lips, or cheeks, wait until your mouth is not numb.
  • It is better to limit your intake of soft foods within the first 24 hours following the intervention. You can eat yogurt, apple sauce, vegetable creams, or purees.
  • You can gradually introduce Semi-soft foods like fresh cheese, avocado, egg, and fish. This means that You can easily smash them with a knife.
  • Hydration is vital, so make sure to drink plenty of water. Liquid foods can help compensate for a reduced food intake in the initial days.
  • New foods can add as pain and inflammation decrease.
  • Recovery from a wisdom tooth removal can take as long as two weeks. Most people can resume their normal diet after seven days.

Foods to avoid after wisdom teeth removal

Knowing what foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal is crucial for a speedy recovery. It is also important to understand what You should avoid foods and beverages after this procedure.

  • The cavity can become clogged with hard, crunchy foods that interfere with wound healing. If there are points, it can reopen them. This could be for bread, nuts, and popcorn, as well as cookies and French fries.
  • Rice, quinoa, and other cereals can be ‘trapped’ in extraction areas. The same goes for seeds.
  • Consuming spicy or acidic foods can cause irritation and further pain.
  • Sticky food can increase your risk of biting your mouth, especially after surgery.
  • It will help avoid alcohol during the healing period after wisdom tooth removal. Avoid alcohol for the first 24 hours. This can irritate the wound and interact with prescription medication. It may also delay healing and increase bleeding.
  • Avoiding coffee, carbonated or hot beverages that can cause irritation to the tissues or hinder healing is another reason.

Drinking through a straw is not recommended after oral surgery. Because the clot that forms after the teeth remove protects the area they were in. it can dislodge this clot by sucking on a straw.

This would expose the nerve endings and bones, which can cause more pain and delay healing. This would increase the risk of infection. This is also known as a dry socket.

You shouldn’t also smoke. Tobacco also increases the likelihood of complications and makes tissues difficult to heal.

10 foods you can eat after having your wisdom teeth removed

1. Green creamy smoothies

what drinks after wisdom teeth removal
Photo by Giorgi Iremadze on Unsplash

Shakes are a quick and easy way to get nutrients when you don’t have the time or energy to eat solid food. This one contains apples, zucchini, as well as broccoli.

2. Honey with yogurt

honey with yogurt
Honey with Yogurt (

3. Homemade apple sauce

Homemade Apple Sauce
Photo by Rachel Loughman from Pexels

4. Peanut butter protein shake

Peanut butter protein shake

5. Avocado and chocolate mousse

Avocado and chocolate mousse

6. Mandarin and honey jelly

Mandarin and honey jelly

7. Peanut butter mousse

Peanut butter mousse

8. Classic mashed potatoes

Classic mashed potatoes

9. Roasted carrot soup

Roasted carrot soup

10. Warm and creamy mocha pudding

Warm and creamy mocha pudding


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