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All These Mistakes Not To Make To Have A Flat And Toned Stomach On A Daily Basis

What are the most common mistakes when you want to lose belly fat?

When you want to lose belly, you usually motivate yourself “on a whim.” And like all decisions that are too quick, it is not uncommon to make many mistakes that lead to failure!

So, to obtain or keep a flat and toned stomach throughout the year, certain behaviors must be limited… Or even stop altogether!

Lose weight: we are betting on an evolving sports program!

On the list of the most frequent errors, we find sport. Although a sporting activity is not to be avoided (although it all depends on your physical state), it is essential to recognize your level to adopt a tailor-made program!

Indeed, it must take our physical habits and our health into account. Therefore, it would be useless, even counterproductive, to start the sport by imposing hundreds of abs if you are a beginner. The secret is to take it step by step while respecting your body.

I am eating a diet too rich in gluten.

It is well known that the repeated ingestion of food containing gluten contributes to bloating.

If you want a flat stomach, you will have to measure your consumption of white flour, pasta, rice, and other large-scale processed products … Or even stop it definitively!

Set unachievable sports goals

Regular sporting activity helps our figure to be slim down. When you choose to target a place like your stomach, you quickly focus on a limited number of exercises, such as the plank or the abs.

However, it is typical for the urge for rapid change to push us to unnecessarily exceed our limits, and ultimately, to do worse than better! To avoid giving up or injuring yourself from the second session, you focus on training adapted to your skills and scalable.

Drinking too much alcohol and soda

Already harmful to our health in a “global” way, alcoholic and carbonated drinks also affect our height! The gas, sugars, and gluten present (particularly in beer and cocktails) contribute to weight gain, a feeling of heaviness, and swelling.

Eat too quickly

In France, we are the champions in all categories of extended meals (2h 20 per day on average). Yet despite these encouraging figures, some of us do not take the time to eat correctly.

At the very least, a meal should last 20 minutes; rapid chewing causes significant air ingestion and therefore bloating.

Bet everything on slimming creams and other miracle capsules

Certain food supplements can help in weight loss, fat loss, and therefore help slim your stomach. However, none of these capsules will be able to have a miracle effect!

Like slimming creams, you should use them in addition to a healthy diet and regular sports activity.

Thinking that sport is the only solution

We will never tell you that sport is not a solution, on the contrary! However, it is, of course, your diet that you will need to focus on as much as possible if you want to lose belly fat.

It is often said that it concerns 80% of a food re-balancing program when sport only affects 20%.

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