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How Long Does It Take To Walk To Lose A Pound Of Fat?

There are many applications that extol the powers of walking to lose weight quickly. But is it really effective and above all: is it really possible?

To lose weight , the equation is simple: just burn more calories than what we absorb through our diet. To make up for the deficit, the body will then draw on fat and thus make us lose weight.

It’s stupid as cabbage, even if it is necessary to take into account other parameters such as hormones or stress, which can play a major role in this mechanism.

But what technique to apply to lose a kilo of fat ? For many, sport and physical activity are the key to losing weight and increasing the number of calories burned. And it is especially walking that is put forward: gentle but effective.

how many calories do you need to burn to lose a pound of fat?

According to some studies, it is estimated to the ladle (because everything also depends on the metabolism of each one) that to lose a kilo of fat , it is necessary to burn approximately 7000 calories. Obviously, these are 7000 calories from which we deduct the diet. Unless you decide not to eat anything at all until you’ve burned off all those calories. But clearly, we strongly advise against it.

how long does it take to walk to lose a pound of fat

According to adidas Runtastic a woman of about 60 pounds, walking at a pace of 5.1 km / h, a moderate pace, burns about 4 calories per minute. Thanks to a rule of three that we learned in college, we deduce that to burn these 7000 calories, it will take about 1750 minutes to walk. Or 29 hours. Without stopping. And so without eating, otherwise it lengthens the duration of the walk by as much.

If the idea of ​​walking 29 hours without eating to lose a kilo does not excite the masses (we understand you), you can bet on running . Obviously, running burns more calories, but it’s more complicated too.

At a rate of about 7 miles per hour, it would take about 614 minutes to reach 7,000 calories. In other words 10 hours of racing . If we reduce this to a week, if you run for an hour a day, you can lose a kilo of fat in ten days, obviously by keeping a healthy and balanced diet.

All this is of course theoretical, because many other elements come into play. But it can give a general idea.

How long does it take to walk to lose weight?

Walking is recognized as one of the most gentle activities for burning maximum calories.

How many calories to burn to lose a pound of fat?

For a 60-pound woman, it would take about 7,000 calories to burn to lose a pound of fat.

How long to walk to burn 7000 calories?

Concretely it will take a day and 5 hours. Without eating of course!

How long does it take to walk to lose weight?

Be careful, this figure should of course be taken with a grain of salt because it depends on many parameters such as age, weight, physical condition …

How long does it take to walk to lose weight?

Overall, you have to walk 29 hours, but of course that’s a totally theoretical figure ..

How long does it take to walk to lose weight?

What to remember? If you want to keep in shape, walking instead of taking the car or escalators is a good idea. Because yes, it is effective!

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