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How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?

When you watch your weight, you tend to want to weigh yourself every day … But is it really a good idea?

If you are on a diet or if you have had a tendency to gain or lose weight in the past, you may be tempted to weigh yourself regularly … or even too often!

Weighing yourself is also putting pressure on yourself and adding stress to an already busy life.

So to be careful without it turning into obsession, what is the ideal?

How often to weigh yourself when monitoring your weight

Whether you are in a process of losing or gaining weight, the principle is more or less the same.

The idea is to watch that your efforts pay off, without becoming obsessed with every gram taken or lost. Indeed, the weight varies throughout the day and the week.

Sometimes if it’s hotter, we can retain water , we can also bloat … And when the hormones get involved, it can become anything.

Our weight can vary by 2kg when we have our period, for example. It is therefore completely useless to persevere every day. The results will not be significant. Worse, it might even discourage you.

It is therefore ideal to weigh yourself once a week, if possible on the same day of the week each time.

How often do you weigh yourself in general?

If you don’t have a goal to lose or gain weight, you may be less consistent in your weigh-ins.

The idea is still to follow its weight so as not to have a strong variation in one direction or the other which could indicate something more serious.

Yes, confinement has proven to us that we can easily gain weight without realizing it! In this case, it is recommended to weigh yourself every 2 weeks.

Even every month if you are not used to weight oscillations.

Do you have to weigh yourself to monitor your figure?

concretely: no. The weight is a mathematical indication, very square and easy to see. However, it doesn’t take a bunch of data into account:% fat, muscle, etc.

We can very well weigh 3 kg more, but have less fat and more muscle.

Do not forget to take into account your psychological well-being : the weight can become an obsession and a burden, while the important thing is to feel good about your figure.

Also, if you want to be careful, you can simply take a reference item of clothing, check if you still fit in or not. You can also choose to have absolutely nothing to do with it. Everyone is free!

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