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How to do a spring detox?

The beautiful days are showing the tip of their nose, and our only desire? To be well in our body and in our head.

Here’s how to cut off the excess winter and be in great shape this season.

After enjoying the ultra comforting winter dishes, it’s time for our desire to eliminate excess and show off a healthy body for spring.

The beautiful days sign a reset of our organization, and the beginning of the mission “to find the line ” . Doing a detox in the spring is different from a diet.

No drastic restrictions, but rather rid our body of all impurities . Here are all our tips for going green and enjoying all the benefits of spring detox.

How to do a spring detox

Spring detox has its own rules to be done well. Unlike the winter detox, where the goal is to fill up with energy, it has a double objective: to keep us in good health, and to make us lose the little extra pounds.

To adopt the spring detox, the instructions are simple, relaunch your transit, pamper your liver and kidney, and stock up on plants.

Our food routine should consist of seasonal fruits and vegetables , foods rich in fiber, and above all be limited in sugar.

To benefit from all the benefits of this detox, we leave aside sodas, alcoholic drinks, energy drinks, ready-made meals and other industrial products (sorry but yes, you will have to do without your favorite cheese).

We put on organic and drink a sufficient amount of water during the day. A little must that is not the least, for this detox to do you the greatest good, you must take care of your mind.

Daily relaxation sessions are essential to evacuate all the negative waves that promote weight gain, and which prevent our body from being in top form.

Why does detox make you lose weight?

A detox is not used to lose weight but it is obvious that if you reduce your diet by focusing on foods with more nutrients and fewer calories, lighter, less fat, less sweet, less salty, less industrial, you will lose weight “.

In addition to helping us regain our weight, detox is a good way to purify our body and refuel our energy.

Why do a detox in the spring?

To feel fresh and lightened, after the excesses of winter, spring detox is our ally.

Some fruits and vegetables are making a big comeback, to satisfy our cravings for freshness with the arrival of sunny days.

Pamper our liver

To find the figure and be in full health, it is essential to pamper our liver in this spring detox.

for this, we will opt for natural and light foods that require little work.

We stock up on artichokes, black radishes, pink radishes, fennel, broccoli, but also citrus fruits, pineapples, apples, and melons.

We relieve the kidneys

To do our kidneys good, two rules: take a break from acidifying foods like alcohol and cheese, and drink enough.

1.5L of water per day minimum and more prepared meals to lose weight and have healthy kidneys.

We go organic

Eating well also means choosing the right foods.

To avoid giving your body food that has been modified, or that is too exposed to pesticides, choose organic for the fruits and vegetables that will be eaten on the skin.

We don’t forget the essential oils

Certain essential oils are our detox allies.

To smell in a handkerchief, the oils of dill, lemon, juniper, grapefruit or lemon verbena, will soothe bloating or nausea.

We take care of its transit

A healthy body is a transit that has good activity.

For this, we favor foods that are not aggressive to the intestine, such as vegetables, fruits and semi-complete cereals.

We do not skimp on dried fruits (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios) very rich in fiber.

Say goodbye to sealed drinks

Alcohol, energy drinks, industrial juices and sodas, are our enemies during this spring detox.

Rich in sugars, they promote weight gain and are bad for our body.

A good detox goes through a good relaxation

As they say, to have a holy body, you have to have a holy spirit.

It is essential in this spring detox, to take the time to relax and evacuate the negative waves that affect your mental and physical well-being.

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